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Upper Yarra Secondary College

The summit had the pleasure of welcoming the Year 11/12’s from Upper Yarra Secondary College on Friday the 7th February 2020, although they only stayed for two days they managed to fit a jam packed program in, filled with 2 initiatives, 8 rotations, 2 laps of the monster course and LOTS of games. Can’t believe we did all of that in just 48 hours…. well done!

On the Friday when the school arrived, we took them to The Stadium where we introduced them to The Summit team, our 5 keys and our Target, Stretch, Super Stretch strategy. After playing a quick game we headed down to the BBQ shelter for our first lot of initiatives - Half Pipe, Key Punch and Tiles. The 3 groups also got the choose their tribe names: Tribe Nik, Crispys and Nine Nine.

We then made our way through 3 activity rotations: Cave, Summit Window and Snake and Nails, where we asked the students to push them selves out of their comfort zones and to play all in. The last activity for the day was The Summit’s famous Monster Course, where we didn’t just run one, but two laps which really put the student’s resilience to the test, all teams improved their times by 9 mins or more which is amazing.

Monster Course times; Team Nik- 9 min 30 sec, Nine Nine- 9 min 10 sec and Crispys- 9 mins.

Saturday, last day of camp we started by asking the students to set a clear intention for the day as we had 5 activity rotations to get through, and we really wanted to challenge them to not go home wondering what if. The 3 rotations before lunch were: High Wire, Bush Challenge and Giant Swing, where all teams were pushed beyond their comfort zones and their maximum limits.

Bush challenge times were: Crispys- 16 min 5 sec, Nine Nine- 14 min 5 sec and Team Nik- 12 min 48 sec.

At the end of the 3 rotation we asked the Tribes to choose a values winner (someone who represented The Summit’s 5 keys the most in their group). For Crispys it was Kyra, for Nine Nine it was Ash and for Team Nik it was Nik. These 3 got a hot lap in out WWII army tank as a reward for their star efforts though out the camp.

For the last two rotations we spilt the 3 groups in to 2 and they took on the Leap of Faith and the Flying Fox, this was their last opportunity at the camp to play all in, have fun and challenge their fears, everyone gave it their best and that at the end of the day is all we could ask of them.

Thanks for playing hard and joining us in having all the fun, all the best with the rest of the year ahead!

Steph, Ash, Jackie and Zoe

😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊

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