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Good News Lutheran College

From the 12th to the 14th of February the Good News Lutheran College came to the Summit camp for a three-day program. During the camp the students had to push through their comfort zones and conquer many new challenges as well as facing up to some fears on activities such as an abseil from our Big Tower and navigating through our Cave in pitch black.

Their Summit camp would also push the tribes of students to come together on the Scavenger Hunt and also when completing our Bush Challenge, in order to get the best times and scores that they could. Here are the results for them that I’m sure people have been waiting to see:

Team 1 (The Ghandis)

  • Scav 408

  • Bush 26.46

Team 2 (Vibe zone)

  • Scav 506

  • Bush 38.21

Team 3 (Octonauts)

  • Scav 540

  • Bush 33.30

Team 4 (Wolf pack)

  • Scav 370

  • Bush 41.06

Team 5 (The Beast)

  • Scav 450

  • Bush 41.01

Team 6 (Fearless challenges)

  • Scav 670

  • Bush 39.00

Team 7 (Comfort Zone Crackers)

  • Scav 390

  • Bush 39.40

The tribes also had to complete our epic Monster Course which would really put the abilities of the students to the test, not only physically, but also in their abilities to work together as a team and inevitably improve on what they though was their best.

The groups ran the whole course twice and when they returned from the second lap their coaches calculated the amount of time that each tribe had improved by. The improvements are as follows:

Group Number

  1. 10:15

  2. 13:23

  3. 9:32

  4. 9:15

  5. 9:10

  6. 7:33

  7. 15:30

It was amazing to see group 7 come back in their second lap and Trinette, their coach, told all of the other coaches about how well they had come together to really push themselves when the challenge was presented. All of the groups did very well and each of their coaches were amazed with the efforts from all of the students, so they were rewarded with an epic trip on our water slide before heading up to shower for dinner.

The teachers and students all worked very hard to overcome some real fears and challenge some behaviours that they found no longer serve them. Although the goodbye was brief, we would very much look forward to working with Good News Lutheran again in future.

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