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Altona College

It was a pleasure having Altona College at The Summit during 19/2/20 - 21/2/20 for their 3 day camp.

After settling into their accommodation the years 8s and 9s were introduced to our Five Keys: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t Go Home Wondering what if.

We then headed out into the park to get stuck into some initiative challenges and our first round of rotations. The Snowy River Challenge, Snake & Nails and Tribe Identity Challenge were up first. With each group being tested in many different ways, whether it be lifting the team over a wall or walking across a board of nails, everyone there was playing by our keys.

Tribe identity gave the students the opportunity to come up with a team name, choose team values and design a flag, which they would carry around camp everywhere with them for the next 2 days.

With the morning of day two upon us, students were introduced to setting a morning intention and having a clear idea of what they wanted their day to look like. We then got stuck into a massive game of Jockeys and began our day of activities: Inflatables and Cave were up first, then our flags that were designed were used in a big game of Capture the Flag, with the tribes battling it out to see who would be victorious. Continuing on with the competitive spirit, our teams set off on an epic Relay Challenge around the park, consisting of lots of obstacles testing everyone in a number of different ways.

After lunch it was time for the much anticipated Monster Course with our teams battling it out to see who could set the fastest time around the course. After completing the lap the students then found out that they would be running the course again and the winning team was the team who could improve there first lap time by the most of time. Well done to every tribe on completing the course as every team smashed their first lap time. Our final day had arrived and we started the morning off with sharing some things that we are all grateful for. Playing a game of Huckle Buckle we got our bodies moving before our last round of rotations. Airfield games were up next, where we saw the tribes compete 3 different challenges: Human Tic Tac Toe, Tug Of War and Egg Toss. After the final rotation every team voted on a person who they thought lived camp by our 5 Keys to their best, well done to Terrina from The Summit Warriors, Kristina from And i Ooop, Zoe from the Yeet Squad and Wyn from the Boomermites. These four people were rewarded with a hot lap in the WW2 Army Tank.



1st. Summit Warriors 31.48

2nd. Yeet Squad 33.21

3rd. And i Ooop 36.30

4th. Boomermites 43.20


1st. Yeet Squad 11.15 improvement

2nd. And i Ooop 10.44 improvement

3rd. Boomermites 8.36 improvement

4th. Summit Warriors 6.27 improvement

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