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Briar Hill Primary School

Monday the 17th to Wednesday the 19th of February - rain hail and shine - we welcomed Briar Hill Primary School!

We got off the buses and straight away settled into our new home for the next couple of days up at the Tent Village! It was time to hit them with what makes a successful camp - with Five Keys: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If. At the start we focused on the first 2 keys. We thought, we best get into action straight away with a game called 50 Up! It took a few attempts for the team to realize what they needed to do, as each time they kept improving, resulting in the team’s best score of 49!

It was time to split into our groups and show camp what Briar Hill are really capable of and how they can overcome new challenges, face some fears, step outside their comfort zones and demonstrate some great team work! Our first challenge for some teams was coming up with our team names and we got there in the end very successfully!

Group 1 - Wholly Hermet Crabs

Group 2 – 13 Amazements

Group 3 – Olympias

Group – 4 Summit Sorcerers (although we still had a few changes each day to group 4!!)

With our initiatives up first, each team understood they needed to think as one team to succeed and how important communication and the support are to get through the next couple of days!

We then started our first rotation which consisted off Tash’s Ladder – demonstrating some challenges with heights but when students broke it down to a Target – Stretch – Super-stretch, they realized, they could achieve more then they knew! Water-slide – brought the fun and joy, discovering it’s more fun when you share the experience with a friend too!

Giant Swing – had some tears, smiles but, most off all, proud students reaching new heights! Bush Challenge – brought the team work, communication, and trust! What an epic first day at camp and it was just a taster for what was to come next!

The day was started with setting an intention of "What we wanted to get out of the day", 'What we could do to make the most of the opportunities" that everyone has been given! We started with the fun of Rock, Paper Scissors Evolution to get the group into a fun state to start the activities! The group finished off the rotations from yesterday, Tash’s Ladder, Water-slide, Giant Swing and Bush Challenge.

We jumped into some new rotations that would continue to challenge the groups and continue to help them grow. Starting with Leap Of Faith, learning to trust the jump and let go! Scavenger Hunt, if you weren’t playing all in, you could tell, but you were, as the teams worked together doing some Fun, Silly and EPIC things together to get the most points, as each team was up against the other teams!

Summit Window, was all about having no regrets, and pushing ourselves to the best we could be! It was beyond incredible, seeing each student smile at the top of the big tower, what a beautiful view!

Laser Skirmish, brought the fun and excitement!

Although after lunch the weather did not seem very promising to us, it did not stop us from having all the fun inside, that’s for sure. It was a lesson to us all that sometimes life doesn’t always go the way we want, but we were not going to let that stop us from having fun! We learnt you can still make the most of every situation, if you are willing to PLAY ALL IN, HAVE FUN and GET COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE!

We had a Briar Hill School Battle of Musical Chairs! My chair goes off to Lotti for being the ultimate winner! There were some epic dance moves happening in The Stadium with YMCA song! We then discovered who is going to be the next best Pirate, as we played a game of pirates. Competition was very tough, I’ll say! With a very close 1st and 2nd! But the real pirate among as went too ‘ARRR’ - Ihla then Archie!

To finish off our day we did some team vs team in Tic, Tac, Toe also known as knots and crosses.

Briar Hill Tic Tac Toe Champions were:

1st place - Group 4 - Summit Sorcerers

2nd Place - Group 3 – Olympias

3rd Place - Group 1 - Wholly Hermet Crabs

4th Place - Group 2 – 13 Amazements.

Last day of camp brought some different activities for the groups, it was Capture The Flag!

Olympias VS Wholly Hermet Crabs and Summit Sorcerers VS 13 Amazements. This game was all about strategy and fun! It was awesome seeing everyone get in the mode while slippery conditions made it all even more fun and naturally became part of the game! Great job all round to everyone!

And here are results:

Bush Challenge:

Group 1 - Wholly Hermet Crabs - 34.40

Group 2 – 13 Amazements – 25.39

Group 3 – Olympias – 20.00

Group – 4 Summit Sorcerers – 28.42

Scav Hunt:

Group 1 - Wholly Hermet Crabs - 510

Group 2 – 13 Amazements - 390

Group 3 – Olympias - 400

Group – 4 Summit Sorcerers - 490


Group 1 - Wholly Hermet Crabs - Gabe

Group 2 – 13 Amazements – Mietta

Group 3 – Olympias - Clara

Group – 4 Summit Sorcerers - Rory

Thanks so much Briar Hill, it was a pleasure having you!

All the best from The Summit Team!!

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