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Kurunjang Secondary Collage

On a busy Wednesday at The Summit, we said goodbye to Kurunjang camp 2 and welcomed camp 3 to the park. The campers were eager to settle into their accommodation, have their lunch and get the program started.

Team leader, Steph, alongside coaches, Pat, Paris, and Kyle, welcomed the campers to The Summit and the epic team that was going to be joining them, we kicked the program off with a game of 50 up, although they only got 21 to begin with, we encouraged the mistakes. After the first initiatives were done to break the ice and get to know each other, the groups started their activities. At inflatables they played all in and had all the fun. In the cave, the campers had the opportunity to challenge their fear of the dark and unknown. In tribe identity they created flags, values and an epic team name to be called for the rest of the camp. Group 1 became - Respect The Drip, group 2 became - Dem8, group 3 became- Ramen Noodles and group 4 became- GOIIIZ.

To start off day two, we told the campers the value of setting an intention for the day ahead, to prepare for a big day full of heaps of new opportunities to be challenged. As the last two tribes were finishing off Cave and Inflatables, The Ramen Noodles and GOIIIZ went head to head in The Summits relay race. The relay consisted of 5 stations, 3 people from their groups were chosen to run each station. It was a close race, but the Ramen Noodles came out on top by getting in front of the GOIIIZ in the last two stations. The next two tribes ran the relay race next; Respect the Drip and Dem8’s were off and the competition was neck and neck for the first 4 stations, the Dem8’s came out on top in the 5th station where they then went on to win the final challenge (tunnel ball).

As we continued day two the campers were also completed some new activities: Snowy River Challenge, Snake and Nails and Airfield games.

For Airfield games, the two tribes at a time were against each other to complete three challenges: Giant Tic/Tac/Toe, Tug of War and an Egg Toss to finish. Ramen Noodles and GOIIIZ were the first teams to complete the challenges. GOIIIZ dominated tug of war, whereas, the Ramen Noodles took the win for Tic Tac Toe. In the end, the GOIIIZ had the last pair standing for the Egg Toss making them the ultimate winners.

After lunch the tribes Respect the Drip and Dem8’s took the Airfield Games; for Tug of War, Dem8s won and Tic Tac Toe Respect the Drip brought it home by winning 2 to 1. Lastly The Egg Toss, Respect the Drip had the last pair standing also making them the ultimate winners. The Monster Course run was next. Respect the Drip and Ramen Noodles went head to head, followed by the GOIIIZ and Dem8’s, all 4 tribes smashed the first lap, two their surprise, they all improved their times on their second lap.

Final day of camp, the morning started with gratitude, we challenged the campers to focus on what they are grateful for and to not check out early, as we had 2 more epic rotations instore. Snowy River Challenge, Snake and Nails and Capture the Flag.

For Capture the Flag two tribes were competing against each other to become the ultimate tribe winners. Ramen Noodles won 2-1 and Respect the Drip 2-1 against their opposing teams GOIIIZ and Dem8’s.

To wrap up camp, we asked the tribes to choose a values winner - someone in their tribe that represented The Summit’s 5 keys the best throughout camp. The winners were: Akol for Respect the Drip, Jessabelle for Dem8s, Indy for the Ramen Noodles and Isabelle for the GOIIIZ.

Snowy times (including time off for wombat hole)

Monster times

Points for relay race and airfield games

Respect the Drip – 43.06 min

Respect the Drip – 7.30 min

Respect the Drip – 130 points

Dem8’s – 35.55 min

Dem8’s – 2.33 min

Dem8’s – 100 points

Ramen Noodles- 34.55 min

Ramen Noodles- 5.27 min

Ramen Noodles- 80 points

GOIIIZ-30.14 min


GOIIIZ-90 points

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