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Kurunjang Secondary College - Camp 2

Kurunjang Secondary College arrived to The Summit on the 17th of February for their second three-day camp in high spirits.

The students and teachers were put to the test right from the get-go. After being introduced to Cam and I, we went straight into our first two rotations of camp. The two activities that the students completed were very different in regards to the kind of focus and involvement they had to produce. The students had to push their limits while conquering our Summit Window activity, whilst the other group fought on our Laser Skirmish field. First night at camp was a struggle for some students who did not manage to get much sleep, while others were so exhausted, we were told they were asleep before their heads hit their pillows.

Day two at camp started out well, with the campers being introduced to the idea that setting an intention - who/what you want to be during your day - could help to improve what they get out of it. After a quick game of Jockey’s to get everyone up and moving, the next two rotations began. The new activities that the students faced, were our Snake and Nails session which got us up and close to mother-nature as well as offering the opportunity to push ourselves mentally Next was our Leap of Faith challenge, which involved jumping of a platform to hang upside down from a bar far above the ground. After lunch we moved into two rotations on our Giant Swing and The Snowy River challenge, which were both going well until weather has sent us lighting and rain, well, that has put a stop to our activities outdoors.

although, we were not going to let that stop us from having fun and loving life, so we moved indoors and spent the afternoon playing some games and getting to know each other better.

It was a shame that the students did not get to complete our Monster Course as we were confident that the students would have absolutely crushed it, however, no challenge is worth of risk of taking on power of mother nature being forced down on us.

The wild weather continued into the last day, however, the lightning had left us alone. For the rest of the day we were all together for two epic competitions. One in our Inflatable City, seeing the campers take on the Human Foosball game and racing each other on the adrenaline rush obstacle course. After that we moved into our final activity, which pit the two teams against each other in three games. The first, human Tic Tac Toe, then an epic game of Tug of War and finishing off with an Egg Toss competition.

Once all the activities were finalized two lucky students got to go for a ride in out WWII army tank and we all got to watch them go over a car in it which was epic!

Thanks for your time with us, guys, we had a great time with you all on camp and we look forward to seeing you all again one day!

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