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Parktone Primary School

Arriving after a long drive we got you straight into cabins and ready to get started into not just a good camp but a Great One! Seeing some pretty exciting, scary and unusual activities throughout the park we introduced ourselves and the 5 keys to you and then made our way to ‘The Olympics” with Jilly!

Laughter was shared and names were learnt as we did some tricky little team challenges and got to know each other before our first set of rotations Abseil, Rockwall, Snowy Challenge and Laser Skirmish. We challenged you to have all the fun and play all in, particularly today, and saw some incredible things being achieved. We had a number of people ringing bells at the top of the Rockwall, people kicking fears as you commenced spy training won a 22m wall and working together as a team to overcome the challenges at Snowy River!

Day 1 was already a huge fun but it wasn’t over until schnitzels were eaten, choc Bavarian cake licked clean out of the bowl and some epic theater sports winners found after a series of teacher led games.

Getting out of bed at a reasonable time you were full of energy and ready for some fun regardless of what the weather was on Tuesday! Sometimes, its hard to know what your days going to be like, so today…You decided to choose! Knowing your intention could have positive effect, not only on yourselves but the people around you. And before heading to the park we got loose, funky and had our bodies from the moment we stepped out in the park.

Sometimes life is full of surprises, changing of plans and rolling with what opportunities arrive so...When the lightning struck at 2:30pm, we all ran to The Lodge highly unsuspecting of the fun about to be had! Starting the quickest pack down of chairs and tables in Summit history! We played, strutted, danced, sung and created so much in so little time. From pirate ship auditions, to Giant Tic Tac Toe, Fashion Shows and a huge disco you all made the choice to look on the bright side, that we were inside and still had an incredible amount of fun.

Wednesday dawned upon us so very quickly, leaving each group with two new activities to try. So with no time to waste you ate your pancakes, fixed yourself into a gratitude attitude and were out in the park grooving, moving and eggstraunaut launching. Making sure to leave with no regrets you took every opportunity to play all in.

Although for you it was time to leave our little pocket of beautiful country and return to Parktone, we still had one more surprise waiting for you! Do you remember?

No, it isn’t those delicious salad roles, or even all the cool things you can do on social media to give back to the wider community…But the rumble and churning of tracks when you witnessed 6 of your friends ride through mud, around trees and over a car in our WWII Army tank! Congratulations to Anesta, Johhny, June, Gina, Rani and Lucas for being selected by your peers as being The Summit camps value winners and truly demonstrating greatness over the 3 days.

From all the coaches: Mia, Paris, Steph, Ash, Pat and Erin, hope you have the most fantastic year, continuing to have all the fun and make the choice to step outside your comfort zone. Thank you for all the joy, laughter and smiles, we truly saw greatness being unleashed!

Snowy River Times

Miss Steaks 40.32

Double Trouble 23.11

Mad Cows Moo 22.15

Dangerous Mooing Cows 22.21

Flying Pigs 22.21

Flying Pepper Pigs 22.43

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