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Sale Primary School

It has been a pleasure having the grade 3 and 4 students from Sale Primary School at The Summit for three days for their school camp. With so much energy and already having tribe names, there was no time to waste before getting into the initiatives and activities.

Orienteering had tribes running all over the camp finding marker points and solving riddles. Jamen was brilliant at solving riddles and puzzle during the orienteering. Flag building was an amazing chance to design a flag that represented the tribe name and tribe people, as everyone got to have input into the design of the tribe flag. There were some clever designs from everyone.

Laser Skirmish had everyone battling for glory as the students got their inner army person on and tagged the opposition during some epic battles.

Raft building saw each tribe brave their designs for a floating raft as they ventured out onto the lake in tribe battle. There were a lot of laughs and screams, as each paddler hit to water and braved the cold waters from The Summit Lake. As all these activities were happening, there were tribes sending eggs from outer space down to a safe landing during the egg drop challenge. There are some future rocket engineers amongst the students at Sale.

The tribe vs. tribe challenges were great. Here are all the results as promised.

Bush Challenge: Lightning - 45.04, The Survivors - 44.18, Super Sixes - 42.33, Mighty 7’s - 35.50, Rotten Pears came third - 34.31, The Survivor Squad came second - 30.06 and winning the Bush Challenge was Warriors - 21.25.

Photo scavenger Hunt: Lightning - 370 points, Rotten Pears - 420 points, The Survivors - 470 points, Mighty 7’s - 490 points, third place went to the Warriors with 560 points, second place went to Super sixes with 590 points, but the winners were the Survivor Squad with 620 points!

Monster Course was so much fun, with water, mud and teamwork throughout the entire challenge. With the bonus of a mud play at the end, everyone had a ball including the parents and teachers. Here are the results for The Monster Course: Lightning - 51.10, Mighty 7’s - 49.28, Rotten Pears - 45.51, the Survivor Squad - 38.30, third place went to Super Sixes in 38.07, second place went to the Survivors in 37.30and the winners were the Warriors in a great time of 35.11.

At the end of the camp, each tribe voted for the person in their tribe who lived by The Summit five keys: “Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Not leaving camp “Wondering What If”. Those tribe members were rewarded with a hot lap in The Summit WWII army tank. Congratulations to Emily, Oliver, Lachie. N, Harry, Paige, Meika and Pepper. Thank you again to all the students, teachers and parents who came to The Summit. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

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