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Grovedale College Camp 1

On the 24/2/2020 we welcomed Grovedale Camp 1 to The Summit for their 3 day camp. After a 2 hour bus ride the students where eager to get out into the park for some fun. We begun with an introduction to our 5 keys Have Fun, Play All in, Make lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t go Home Wondering What If. We then headed out into the park for a quick game then got straight into our first lot of rotations of Snow River Challenge, Initiatives, Snake & Nails, Trust Games and Inflatables. With the first morning upon us the group was introduced to setting a Morning Intention and having a clear goal of what they wanted to get out of their day. Getting our bodies moving with a game of Huckle Buckle we then finished off our activities and got stuck into some new ones including The Cave, Laser Skirmish, Bush Challenge and a super competitive round of Airfield games consisting of Tic Tac Toe, Tug of War and an Egg Toss, giving us plenty of laughs before our much anticipated Monster Course. After lunch the time had come to begin the Epic Monster Course which saw teams set off tribe by tribe to try and set the fastest time possible. With some seriously fast times being posted the students where then informed that they would be running the course again and the winning team was the team that improved there time by the most on the second lap. Congratulations to every team on improving there times, the Monster Course was definitely a favourite amongst the group. Day 3 had arrived with some tired and sore bodies, but it wasn’t long until we got out into the park to finish off the last of our rotations, before we headed out we shared with the group all the things that we a super grateful for in our life. At the end of our final rotation each group voted on a member who they thought lived camp the most by our 5 Keys and they where rewarded with a lap in our Army tank, well done to Eli (moist rocks), Maxton (BBC), Joe (Kobe Kobras), Daisy (15 dingalings & 1 ding dong) and Perseius (Tyres) Cam, Tim, Erin, Phoebe and Zoe would like to say thanks again to everyone that came along to The Summit.


1st Kobe Kobras 10.27 improvement

2nd 15 Dingalings 10.08 improvement

3rd Tyres 9.24 improvement

4th BBC 8.04 improvement

5th Moist Rocks 6.12 improvement


1st Moist Rocks 9.22

2nd 15 Dingalings 16.05

3rd BBC 17.23

4th Kobe Kobras 18.03

5th Tyres 18.21

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