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How to add a ‘Cup of Fun’ into family life

There is something about walking into the kitchen and taking in the smell of a home cooked meal. Even in a world of convenient food, it’s hard to go past the taste and satisfaction of home baking.

Baking is a great way add a ‘Cup of Fun’ into family life and has always been an opportunity for families to get together in the kitchen to prepare and cook magnificent feasts, which in some cultures would go days.

Family recipes would be handed down from generation to generation and the children had to prove their worthiness in the kitchen before finding out the secret ingredients.

Children really love being in the kitchen helping, not just eating the cake mixture from the bowl, but being with their mums and dads to measure, pour, stir, or even decorate the finished product.

What baking in the kitchen builds on, is that family connection and a shared love of food and knowing where it comes from. It’s such a simple way of creating memories. Try baking a fresh loaf of bread, cooking biscuits from scratch or even making playdough!

Not really into baking? Have a theme night, cooking a meal from a different country, so the family can experience the different tastes from around the world.

Here are some tips to make baking fun for everyone;

  1. Give the kids cooking instruments suited for their age.

  2. Get everyone in on the action. Make sure everyone can see and reach.

  3. Split up the recipe and pick tasks for each person

  4. Dress the part (cue apron and chef hat).

  5. Embrace the mess! Enjoy the moment and clean up at the end.

Mess = Memories.

It won’t necessarily be perfect. It’s about spending time together and creating memories, so put on some music and go for it!

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