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Rivercrest Christian Collage

On a hot Monday afternoon, the students from Rivercrest Christian Collage had arrived at The Summit. Eager to get off the bus they were sent off to their tent accommodation to settle in and have lunch. After lunch, they were welcomed to The Summit by their coaches for the next 3 days, Steph, Tim and Pat. Right after presenting them with the 5 Keys of Camp we invited them to try the first two, Play All In and Have Fun. Three activities - Bush Challenge, Scavenger Hunt and The Cave then followed after a group game. All students gave it their best and really took the two keys on board, examples where; Rey in The Foam Pit, Jack doing Scavenger Hunt and Russel in The Cave. The groups were asked to come up with tribe names and these are what they have chosen; group 1 became Tanji Tribe, group 2 were River Raiders and group 3 as the Homo Sapiens. First full day of camp and there were heaps of fun ensured. The groups started off with setting their intentions for the day and were given the challenge to do the next two keys; Make Lots of Mistakes and Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable. They then headed off to these activities, Sky Bridge, The Flying Fox, Orienteering, Tash's Ladder, Snake and Nails and Abseil, where the students had many opportunities to showcase what they have learned from the 5 keys their own way. The last thing we did to end the day was the EPIC monster course where the groups didn’t just do one, but two whole laps. It’s the last day of camp and there were a lot of tired faces, to give them a boost, we set the day with a Gratitude Session. We asked the students what they were grateful for and we talked about the importance of having someting to be thankful for. We did this on top of setting their intentions for the day, as the students only have two more activity rotations to go; Snake and Nails, Tash's Ladder and Abseil. Here are the results of their run on their completed activities.​

Thank you Rivercrest Christian Collagefor a great 3-day camp! - Steph, Tim, Pat and Kyle :)

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