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On a hot Wednesday afternoon, the group from Advanced College of Education was welcomed at The Summit. We started off by showing them their tent accommodations followed by going into the Stadium to introduce them to our unique goal-setting technique called Target, Stretch and Super-stretch and our Five Keys to success. Eager to get out to the park, we played a quick game of Look Up/Look Down and we were off to our first activity rotation which was Snake and Nails followed by the Flying Fox. Honourable mentions to Moana for touching the snake even though she wasn’t a fan and Dan for being able to cross the nail board.

Day 2 and the first morning at camp, we introduced everyone to our Morning Intentions session, where we encourage the group to decide who they wanted to be before their day kicks off. With their plans in mind, we were off to the Bush Challenge where Brody showed extreme leadership and courage in the Foam Pit as well as lifting people up on the Mud Wall and Ash for giving it her best and playing all in.

The Cave and Rock Wall were up next, shout out to Moana and Pez for the Rock Wall. For the Cave, the shoutouts go to Phoebe, Ben, Moana, and Brody for challenging themselves and getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

After lunch at the Stadium, the students got ready for the epic Monster Course. Smashing their first lap with a time of 38 minutes, they were told they had to do a second lap to attempt to beat their first time, they managed to beat their time by 4.26 mins. Shoutouts to Brodie and Ben huge superstars for carrying the tyres along the way and a big well done to the girls for really digging deep and going the extra mile. To finish the experience and to wash up all the mud, the Drop Slide was offered to students as a bit of a thank you and a surprise for completing both laps of the Monster Course.

The last day has rolled around, and can't believe it's over already, but the students still had two more rotations to complete; first was the Inflatable City, where they raced each other and played giant soccer. It was a lot of fun and they got very tired very quickly. Shoutouts to Lee and Brody for getting the two quickest times through the obstacles. At the High Wire, the students challenged themselves to climb up the trees and cross the cable to then proceed to sit on the wire up in the air and have a bit of fun. As a surprise at the end of the rotation we added in Leap of Faith. This activity had everyone climbing our Big Tower, position themselves to jump off from an external tower to grab the trapeze bar. Everyone did so well in this activity but some of the highlights were Moana, Ben, and Phoebe.

The team voted for a VALUES winner. Someone who represented the Five Keys the best throughout camp. they voted for the two people who they thought about embodied these values, Ro-Ro and Phoebe. As the Values winners, they were rewarded with a go with our Giant Swing, the biggest in Victoria.

The Summit Camp team would like to thank the students and teachers of Advance College of Education for coming and best of luck to everyone!


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