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Alberton Primary School

On Monday the 2nd of May the school students from years 3 to 6 arrived at the camp on a sunny day. The students got to go straight into the tents that they were staying in and set up their beds, after that, the group met The Summit staff that they would be spending their time with Centauri, Sara, Rohan, and Shane.

The group then made their way down into the park where they hopped in their groups for the first lot of activities. The groups were called: The Wizz’s, Creamy Potatoes and Bananas. Their first activities were the Flying Fox, Cave and Laser Skirmish. After that, we had some free time and then dinner.

The next day we have a big group game with everyone before we split up into our groups again for two move rotations before lunch. After lunch, we started new activities which were: Tash’s Ladder, Scavenger Hunt, and Snowy River Challenge.

The Snowy River Challenge results were: The Wizz’s 22:55, Creamy Potatoes 15:49 and Bannan’s 20:19, well done everyone!

When we got back from lunch, we all went down into the park to play a big group game of Huckle Buckle. After that everyone got ready for the Monster Course where we hopped into two groups made up of both younger and older students for a wonderful time. Group 4 and 5 got an improvement time of 10:37 and the younger students had a time of 9:20 amazing work all!!!

The Last day was there before we knew it. It was a lovely morning and an exciting time to have our last two activities of the camp. After the activities, we said our last goodbyes and the value winners, Alex, Ruby, and Grace (amazing work team) got to go for a ride in our army tank with everyone getting to watch.

Before everyone left, we all played some games before the buses arrived and we waved goodbye.

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