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On Wednesday, Feb 26th, the Year 8’s from Altona College made their way down to The Summit! The program started with the introduction of our Five Keys: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots Of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and, Don’t Go Home Wondering What If. Everything then learned about the goal-setting technique of Target, Stretch, Super Stretch. The rest of the afternoon had the groups doing an initiative, to get the teamwork juices flowing, and then one rotation of the activities. By the end of day 1, the groups had given themselves tribe names and were known as:

Group 1: Potato Gromlins

Group 2: Nunya

Group 3: Pumpkins

Group 4: Texas Flamingos

Group 5: Chicken Nuggets

Group 6: Group 7

Day two started with the introduction of Morning Intentions, and the power of choosing who you want to be during the day. A game got everybody ready for three rotations of our activities; Giant Swing, Leap Of Faith, Summit Window, Snowy River Challenge, Snake and Nails, and, Laser Skirmish. After lunch, the group had two tribe challenges: Naughts and Crosses, and Egg Toss. Chicken Nuggets came out on top for the Naughts and Crosses, and Pumpkins had the best hands, getting the furthest apart in the egg toss. Then it was time for the Monster Course! The course HD students running climbing, dodging, sliding, crawling, and having an absolute blast throughout the park!

Day three started with some Gratitude and taking a moment to think about things to be thankful for. Another game was played before finishing off the last two rotations of activities. Before everyone knew it, it was lunchtime! A final wrap-up was had before some lucky students were rewarded for their dedication to the Five Keys!

A big Thank You to all the students and teachers from Altona for playing hard and bringing all the fun!

  • Ash, Jackie, Timmy, Ella, Sophie, Jackson, Liam


Snowy River Challenge

Group 1: 31:53

Group 2: 27:24

Group 3: 16:07

Group 4: 47:08

Group 5: 25:36

Group 6: 28:42

Monster Course improvement:

Group 1: 12:09

Group 2: 8:02

Group 3: 11:45

Group 4: 9:23

Group 5: 8:00

Group 6: 10:16

Values Winners

Group 1: Savanna

Group 2: Cory

Group 3: Ahmed

Group 4: Bea

Group 5: Frank

Group 6: Zac


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