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It was an immense pleasure to work with the year 8’s and their teachers from Altona College over the last three days for their camp at The Summit. After the arrival and formal information, we got straight into the rotations of initiatives and activities and made the most of the fine weather.

Each tribe formed their own identity by coming up with a name. Cake Benders, Spaghetti Meatballs, The Dusties, Kids In Black (KIB) and Sparc were now what the tribes were known as.

Laser Skirmish had everyone competing to be the next army ranger, with many different strategies to gain the upper hand. Leap of Faith was a brilliant mental challenge of not only climbing the outside of the big tower but then taking the leap off towards the trapeze bar or stepping off, trusting you would be ok. Giant Swing saw you reach new heights as your tribe mates heaved you up to the desired height, all for you to pull a release cord and swing from a height of 22.5 meters (green), 17 meters (yellow), 5 meters (red).

The tribe vs tribe challenges started with the Photo Scavenger hunt.

Here are those results:

130 points went to The Dusties

180 points went to Spaghetti Meatballs

200 points went to KIB

220 points went to Cake Benders

370 points for Sparc - Winners!

Well done for your efforts!

The Snowy River challenge was the next challenge to be scored.

Here are the time results:

Spaghetti Meatballs - 26.25

Cake Benders - 21.14

The Dusties - 19.48

Sparc -18.46

KIB - 17.55 Winners!

The Monster Course was epic seeing so many really embracing the course and having so much fun while encouraging each other.

Here are the improvement times:

Cake Benders -2.46

Sparc - 5.56

KIB - 7.55

Spaghetti Meatballs -10.22 and winning with an improvement of 13.10 were

The Dusties - winning with an improvement of 13.10

The last thing you did at camp was to vote for a person in your tribe who lived by The Summit's Five Key Values. These people were rewarded with a hot lap in the army tank.

Congratulations to Zoe, Devon, Tanya, Sam B, and Izak for your amazing effort.

Thank you once again for coming to The Summit. We hope you had fun and learnt a little more about what your greatness is and how far you really can push yourself when you put your mind to it.


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