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Aquinas College Camp 1 Blog

On Monday afternoon the 3rd of May, busses full of Aquinas College students and staff rolled through to the gates of The Summit. Eager to get started they all made their way up to their accommodations in the Tent Village. Students were given wristbands and placed into their groups, then got shown their allocated rooms.

They were welcomed by The Summit’s Team Leader, Steph, and she shared the Five Keys with everyone, as they are vital elements to a great camp. As the students were shown to the stage, where we went straight into a game (Crain, Tiger, Egg). Two rotations were run to finish them off, then they had free time until dinner at six, Smashing Trivia then finally some sleep.

The eight groups did eight activities throughout the camp; Abseil, Scavenger Hunt, Leap of Faith, Bush Challenge, Orienteering, Sky Bridge, Inflatables, and Snake & Nails. Not to mention, Two laps of the Monster Course (mud run) and a game, Every Morning. Safe to say the students were in for a BIG three days.

Some highlights from the camp; Lachie showed leadership in the monster course, Finn in Group 5 encouraged his team the entire way through the monster course. Nemo (Alex) in group 3 smashing the Leap of Faith and Samo (Alex) for the same group supporting his team in the Monster Course and smashing the Abseil. Oskar showed great resilience in the Sky Bridge, Eathan had two go’s on the Sky Bridge, did the second go partly backwards.

Thank you for a great camp guys, wishing you all the best from Steph (TL), Cam, Mia, Logan, Jackson, Ella, Centauri, Maddi and Steph. Hope to see you again soon!


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