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Aquinas College Year 8 Camp 3 Blog

It has been a pleasure having the third group of Aquinas College at The Summit for their year 8 camp. With the help and guidance of the student leaders and teachers, each tribe came up with its name. The Royal Rams, Maroonanators, Thorpees, Eggy Farmers, Team Schnitzel, Jhoug, Spaghetti Pies, and 4 plus 4 were what they were called during camp.

There were some amazing efforts displayed throughout camp and all were acknowledged through GMIC and there was a lot of GMIC given out. Congratulations to all who wrote and received a GMIC.

Here are the whole group's results from the tribes' challenges.

Bush Challenge:

  1. Jhoug = 33.20

  2. The Royal Rams = 29. 41

  3. The Maroonanators = 27.49

  4. Team Schnitzel = 25.30

  5. Spaghetti Pies = 23.15

  6. Eggy Farmers = 22.15

  7. 4 plus 4 = 19.39

  8. Thorpees = 15.26 WINNER!!!

Well done to all teams.

Monster Course Improvement Times:

  1. The Royal Rams = 1.38

  2. Maroonanators = 7.16

  3. Team Schnitzels = 8.02

  4. Spaghetti Pies = 8.21

  5. 4 plus 4 =9.30

  6. Jhoug = 13.04

  7. Thorpees & Eggy Farmers (combined) = 16.24.

At the end of the third day each tribe voted for a values winner, someone who lived by the five keys and showed great leadership. Congratulations to Will, Tom, Harlow, Hunder, Lily, Zack, Zara, and Jade. You were all deserving winners and should be very proud of Your efforts.

Thank you once again to all students and teachers from Aquinas who attended The Summit camp over the past week and a half. We hope you have learned more about yourself and helped you unleash your own greatness.


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