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Armadale Primary School Blog

On Wednesday The Summit crew was super grateful to welcome Armadale Primary School. How lucky that lockdown ended just in time for the young Grade 5/6’s to join us down in Gippsland. First of all, thank you for making the trip down! It was spectacular to see so many smiley faces jump off the buses Wednesday morning. Along with the rays of sunshine that also made their way out for our first day at camp. To help set the Grade 5/6’s up for success whilst attending camp we shared our 5 keys with the students. We believe if you use one or more of these keys whilst you are at camp, or in your daily life, things will start becoming more incredible. As it helps you expand your comfort zone. These 5 Keys are

1. Have fun

2. Play all in

3. Make lots of mistakes

4. Get comfortable being uncomfortable

5. Don’t go home wondering what if

We also shared a goal-setting technique with the students:

o Target (what you know you can do)

o Stretch (What you think you can do)

o Super Stretch (what seems impossible, but on your best day you could achieve it)

It was incredible to see so many students set these 3 goals when completing our activities. Well done to those who completed activities they didn’t think they could, would, or should. The smiles of success after the activities showed the coaches your comfort zones were growing bigger day by day. WELL DONE TO YOU ALL! Thank you for getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

Over the students' three days at The Summit, they completed a range of activities. Some activities had the students climbing our BIG TOWER to abseil down, climbing the Summit Window - attached to a rope 23 meters from the air and leaning back, letting go with both hands and one leg, using the Flying Fox to travel over our lake, battling on our Laser Skirmish Field, tracking up to the top of Tash’s Ladder, using the support of the team to complete all the obstacles at the Snowy River Challenge, racing each other on the Inflatable World, scurrying around The Summit grounds to partake in Orienteering, swinging 26 meters on our tallest swing in Victoria, leaping 12 meters in the air to crab the Leap of Faith bar, navigating through our dark man-made cave, climbing our Rock Wall, walking on a bed of nails and holding our pet Python Mitch, racing for points in the Scavenger Hunt and completing the High Wire obstacle.

What a great range of challenges to help every individual push themselves outside their comfort zones. Well done to all the students that PLAYED ALL IN. We hope that no one went home wondering what if?

Each morning before we went out into the park we got the students to think about all the things they had to be grateful for in their world. We also got them to set a morning intention. As the saying goes… Win the morning, win the day. The students set goals that would help them stretch their comfort zones and get the most out of their day. It was great to hear what some of the students were grateful for. Let's share some examples:

What an amazing list above. We hope that you all keep setting yourself goals and take the time to consider what you have to be grateful for every single day. Because if you think about all the things you have to be grateful for your heart will truly be HAPPY :)

On the students' second day with us, they ran in our EPIC Monster Course. What a fantastic way to see all the teams work together and see who could get the fastest time on the clock. The afternoon of FUN had the students playing in the mud, running around, carrying tires, climbing in ball pits, swimming through mud puddles, throwing and catching objects, building puzzles and so much more. Whilst the students were completing this challenge they were racing all the other teams around them. Not only did the students complete this awesome course once but TWICE!! The second lap is all about resilience and giving your best when you feel like you have nothing left in the tank. Anyone can show up on a good day, it’s how you show up on the challenging days that make you who you are. The second lap was an improvement time - so the teams were now racing against their initial time. Fantastic job to all the teams who played all in and had all the fun.

Throughout the 5/6’s time at The Summit we also shared a bunch of GMIC’s (Great Moments In Camp) that the students had written to one another. It was lovely to see so many in the GMIC box. We hope you keep sending love to each other through your travels.

To all the Grade 5/6’s who joined us at The Summit, we wish you nothing but the best for the year ahead. Remember to always do your best, and always play all in.

Also best of luck with your dancing competition. Thank you for sharing it with all of The Summit crew.



Team Names:

1. Flying Squirrels

2. Gangsters

3. Quacksons

4. Funky fours

5. The Unknown

Snowy River times:

1. Gangsters 33.56

2. Quacksons 39.06

3. Flying Squirrels 39.39

Monster Course improvement times:

1. Gangsters 9.05

2. Quacksons 8.32

3. Flying Squirrels 7.00

Our 5 values WINNERS!

1. Nathan

2. Marvin

3. Misha

4. James

5. Marry

Congratulations to our value winners above. Thank you all for being a true stand-out to all your teammates and for all being marvelous role models for all those around you. Keep being AWESOME LEGENDS!!


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