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Bairnsdale Secondary College Year 7 Blog

What a great day it was when the year 7’s and their teachers arrived at The Summit for their 3-day camp after a big absence of camps and schools. In not much time at all, it was time to get straight into initiatives and rotations of activity.

Each tribe came up with its own name. The tribes were now known as Wallabies, Dino Nuggies, No Regrets, GOATS, D5, The Best Team (TBT), What’s for Dinner, Phoenix Fire, The Rocks, Stressing Strawberries, and Girl Power.

Here are the results from all the tribe activities with all the tribes’ scores:

Photo Scavenger Hunt:

Dino Nuggies 330

The Rocks 360

Girl Power 430

Stressing Strawberries 440

Wallabies 450

Phoenix Fire took 3rd with a score of 470

GOATS took 2nd with 520

No Regrets came on top with 550

Bush Challenge:

Wallabies 42.17

D5 38.49

Dino Nuggies 32.39

GOATS 27.53

No Regrets 25.54

Phoenix Fire 24.32 in 3rd

What’s For Dinner 22.40 in 2nd

The Best Team (TBT) won with 19.06

Snowy River Challenge:

Wallabies 38.46

Dino9 Nuggies 38.20

Phoenix Fire 29.34

Girl Power 25.27

What’s For Dinner 24.56

The Best Team (TBT)20.38 (3rd)

Stressing Strawberries 14.16 (2nd)

The Rocks won with a time of 11.27

Monster Course:

GOATS improved by 5.12

The Rocks improved by 5.42

Phoenix Fire improved by 5.50

What’s for Dinner improved by 6.09

Wallabies improved by 6.50

The Best Team (TBT) improved by7.10

No Regrets improved by 7.12

Dino Nuggies improved by 7.23

D5 improved by 10.06 (3rd)

Stressing Strawberries improved by 12.28 (2nd)

Girl Power with the best improvement time of 13.39

There were so many amazing individual efforts throughout camp highlighted through the GMIC given and readout.

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for a member in their tribe who demonstrated the Five Keys of The Summit. These individuals were not only acknowledged by their peers but rewarded with a hot lap in The Summit army tank. Congratulations to the following people for your amazing efforts at camp, Emily P, Hunter, Mackenzie, Isabella, Trent, Alex, Jasmine, Ozzie, Oscar, Titus, and Mia.

Thank you again to everyone who came to The Summit and made the first camp back so much fun for everyone.

We cannot wait to see you back at The Summit real soon.


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