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Bairnsdale Secondary College Year 8/9 Camp Blog

It was lovely to have the students from Bairnsdale year 8/9 for their three-day camp


After settling in and meeting in the lodge to go through some house-keeping, it was time to get out in the park and start the activities., During the first few activities, each tribe decided on a tribe name. No longer were there groups 1, 2, etc. but The Legends, Bucket Heads, The Worms, The Poles, Brainsdale, The Tanks, The Best Team and The Whispers.

Scavenger Hunt had everyone racing around the park finding and performing challenges to earn points. As much as the tribes put in the more points were earned.

Rock Wall saw some fabulous efforts on reaching the heights desired with some even getting to the top of the difficult overhang, the first to do that was Alex (Tim’s buddy).

Summit Window was the highest of the activities completed by each tribe. The view and high was a great reward for those who braved the climb up the 20-meter tower.

Tash's Ladder was a great challenge faced head-on by so many as mentioned in the GMIC’s that were read out throughout camp. Excellent job to all those who received a GMIC, no matter what it was for, to be acknowledged is something you should be proud of.

Cave was the dark, underground tunnel into the unknown. The learning from this was that you need to control fear or keep yourself calm. So many people talked to themselves to relax their minds.

Giant Swing used the strength of the entire tribe to pull you up to the desired height, all to then release a clip to swing through the air with screams, cheers and waves of laughter all to follow.

Snake and Nails were something a lot of people had never done and were willing to just to be in the same room or get the opportunity to touch or hold the snake in a safe, controlled environment.

Orienteering had you running around the camp to find marker points and earn points for word puzzles and riddles. All tribes had a red hot go when it was their time to find the marker points. Big thanks to Fryzy who ran the orienteering for a few rotations. We all appreciated your effort and help.

The Monster Course was such a great battle to improve the second lap time by the most, in order to win the course. Each tribe improved by at least 5.46.

Here are the results for the monster course:-

The worms 5.46,

The Tanks 5.55,

The Best Team 6.38,

The Whisper 6.50,

The Legends 9.23,

Bucket Heads took out 3rd with an improvement of 10.50,

The Poles took out 2nd with an improvement of 11.30

Winning was Brainsdale who improved by 11.54

Well done to everyone who did the Monster Course.

At the end of camp, each person voted for someone in the tribe who lived by the Five Keys. That person then was acknowledged in front of everyone. Congratulations to Patrick, Cooper Hutton, Trey Curry, Cooper, Olivia, Bess, Maddi and Sophie who were the deserved winners from their respective tribes.

Thank you again to everyone who came to camp. We cannot wait to see you again soon at The Summit.


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