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Balmoral K-12 Community College Camp Blog

On a sunny Monday afternoon, the school of Balmoral Community College came through the gates of The Summit. Quickly settled into their accommodation they were welcomed into the room where the coaches Logan and Spinks/Steph/Sonic explained the Five Keys to a successful camp (have fun, play all in, make lots of mistakes, get comfortable being uncomfortable, and don’t go home wondering ‘What if’) and a goal-setting strategy called target, stretch, and super stretch. The two first games played were called Gotcha and Clap Ball. From there we made our way down to the barbecue shelter where the groups were divided into 2. The Vegemites in one and the Quiet Crickets in the other. The initiatives chosen were Tiles where they had to make it from A to B using one tile for each person, the second initiative was called Spiders Web where groups had to lift each other as a team through big spider webs. The two activities run during the day were Snake and Nails and Trust Games to finish the day with a round of Two-Ball Knockout. Lastly being told about free time areas as well as GMICs, which stands for great moments in camp.

Day two rolled around and the students were eager to get going. We started our day with an intention session run by Logan where he focused on the model ‘be do have’, from there the students learned the value of setting a morning intention as this will set them up for a better more productive day. And straight down to the BBQ shelter event where we played a quick game of Huckle Buckle to get our bodies moving, the first two rotations completed were Skybridge and Scavenger Hunt. Sky Bridge is getting from A to B focusing on nothing but the next step and Scavenger Hunt where choosing to have all the fun and we earned a whole lot of points just being silly and having a blast. Just before lunch a new rotation started, we did Rock Wall and Orienteering we had to get a certain amount of bells for the team as well as setting some challenges along the way. For Orienteering, there was a set task to find all of the markers in the shortest possible time. During lunch, they were out to get changed for the Monster Course to get ready to get head-to-toe wet and muddy. After completing one more rotation and then we were off the first lap of the Monster, it was a head-to-head battle between both the Vegemite and the Quiet Crickets although the Vegemite won by about two minutes, Quiet Crickets put up a great fight. Little did they know that the times were important but not in the way they thought, in fact, we will go run the course a second time. We told them that we were going to combine our two groups together to form The Veggie Crickets. We created a target, stretch, and super stretch, we managed to get 31 minutes and 32 seconds, this was better than our set stretch and only one minute of our super stretch. Keeping in mind that this was faster than a lap done by each Individual group. Well done both teams combined what a great effort, ready for showers and followed by dinner.

Day three

And we’re on our final day we started our day with a gratitude session with Sonic, we went through different channels in our lives as we closed our eyes to flick through the imaginary screen in our minds. The three categories were friends, animals, and family as we searched through our brains we were remembering who we are grateful for We challenged the students to think of more categories in their lives to be grateful. We came up with more than 10 plus channels. Asking them who in their life they are grateful for specifically and why that was. Full of gratitude we then made our way down to the BBQ shelter where we completed our two final rotations of Tash’s Ladder and Cave, students were asked to vote for a hero and the heart of their team by the end bearing in mind that these two were somebody who showed the most heart throughout the course and somebody who stepped up to be the hero for that team these four people for two groups got a hot lap in The Summit's very own WW2 army tank as a reward.

Safe to say it’s been a crazy three days, on behalf of Logan myself, and The Summit crew, we would like to say again thank you for coming and playing hard and having all the fun we look forward to seeing your school next time. Best of luck for all future endeavors and the rest of your year.


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