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Bayside College (Altona) Year 7 Camp Blog

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, the year 11 students from Bayside College came through The Summit gates. After being shown to their Bungalow accommodation, they were quickly welcomed by The Summit coaches Logan and Steph (Spinks) into the Blue Room tent, where they were taught about the Five Keys (Have Fun, Play All In' Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If) to a successful camp and to our goal-setting strategy called 'Target, Stretch, and Super Stretch' and ended with a quick game of GOCHA to change the state.

Making their way down into the BBQ shelter, the students were broken into two groups, group one calling themselves ‘Twinkle Toes’ and group two, the 'Balding Gang'. Both teams completed their first icebreaker initiative called Tiles (both teams finished it within three attempts). Two activities rotations followed, where the groups took on the Bush Challenge and the Sky Bridge. For the Bush Challenge, it wasn’t about being the quickest team, but the team that improved their time the most - Twinkle Toes improved by 10.03mins, and the Balding Gang got 19mins improvement; well done for both teams smashing their super stretches.

Day two and the day started with a morning intentions session run by Logan where he talked about the power of choice, choosing how you show up for; other people, activities, and yourself. We played a game of Heads and Tails at the beginning to start the session. We ended the session by going to the BBQ shelter and playing Jockeys. The groups eliminated four massive activities rotations, including Giant Swing, Summit Window, Flying Fox, and Snowy River Challenge. For the Snowy River Challenge, both teams were close in their times; Twinkle Toes = 20.20mins, and Balding Gang finished at 21.09mins. After all this, they then took on The Summit’s very own Monster Course. Both teams went head-to-head in the first lap, Twinkle Toes getting 26mins and Balding Gang getting 30mins. Just when they thought it was over, the couple was challenged to run a second lap, but not competing against each other this time, combining the two groups to aim. To improve on both teams’ average time (28mins). They created a Target, Stretch, and Super Stretch to get the best time they could. They got an improvement time of 22.15mins, within their stretch zone! The groups finished covered in mud and had smiles on their faces as they were allowed to end the day by going down The Summit's blue waterslide to rinse the mud off and then have a shower.

On day three, and unfortunately, it’s the final day, Spinks ran a Gratitude session to help the students think about who and what they are grateful for in their lives; with two activities to go, we challenged the students to not mentally check out too early as they don’t want to go home wondering ‘what if’… At the end of the last activities (High-Wire and Laser Squeamish), groups were asked to choose two people from their team who truly embodied the Five Keys consistently throughout camp. From Twinkle’s Toes, CC, and Viv; from Balding Gang, Jayda, and Paren.

These girls got to take a hot lap in The Summit's WW2 army tank with Spinks driving.

On behalf of The Summit and us Coaches we would once again like to say a big thank you to all of you for the good times and laughs, we wish you all the best for the rest of the year!

Spinks, Logan, and Liam


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