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Bayside College Year 7 Camp Blog

The students and teachers of Bayside College spent 3 awesome days at The Summit, pushing themselves to their limits while having all the fun. Ella, Sam, and Lina were privileged enough to lead the year 7s during their time at The Summit. Camp started by settling into our tents and exploring the place we’ll call home for the next couple of nights. Before the activities could start, the students learned the tools and techniques for how to have an epic camp.

The first step was to learn the Five Keys

1. Have fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If

Secondly, they learned how to achieve amazing things by following our goal-setting strategy

- Target (something they know they can do)

- Stretch (something they think they can do)

- Super Stretch (something that seems impossible)

We had the chance to see you all live and breathe by our Five Keys, while also reaching many targets, stretches and super stretches during these epic activities:

Summit Window – you called climbed up 18+ meters to look out at our beautiful view over Gippsland

Scavenger Hunt – running around and playing all in to get as many points as possible

Bush Challenge – working together as a team to climb up things, through things, and over things trying to get the best time possible

Giant Swing – getting comfortable being uncomfortable as you swung from 20+ meters high

Laser Skirmish – having fun and playing all in trying to get the most points for your team

Inflatable city – Foose ball came to life as you played human foose ball and a bit of healthy competition running through the adrenaline course

High Wire – climbing up trees and playing rock paper scissors on top of a tight rope!

Tash’s Ladder – pushing past your comfort zones and leaning over a 15-meter ladder

Cave – leaving the heights behind and going under ground to face our fears of the dark

You were all so brave and truly unleashed your greatness!

The real challenge came with the Monster Course! Putting your teams to the ultimate test. You played all in during the beginning of the course, you got through the finish line after giving it your all, however, the course was not done!

You were about to do the whole thing again! The winning team was now determined by which team improved by the most.

Thank you all so much for coming to The Summit, we hope to see you all again! Best wishes for the rest of the year.

From Ella, Sam and Lina


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