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Beaumaris Secondary College Year 7/8 Camp Blog

On Wednesday afternoon, April 26th, buses full of Beaumaris students and staff rolled through the gates of The Summit. Eager to start, they all made their way up to their accommodations.

They were welcomed by their team leader Steph/Spinks, and the rest of the coaching staff. Ella shared The Summit's Five Keys with the students;

  1. Have Fun

  2. Play All In

  3. Make Lots of Mistakes

  4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

  5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If

.As the students were shown to the stage, they played a quick game of 50 Up; students were then placed straight into their groups. They were taught about setting ‘targets, stretches, and super stretches’ to help them break down activities that might feel overwhelming. Two activity rotations were run, and then the students had some free time before dinner.

Day two, and we started the day off with an intention session with Steph, where the students were asked to think about who they wanted to be for that day and what that looked like. Told how we can choose to let the things we can’t control determine what we do. 1. Weather 2. Other people and 3. The activities they’re doing. Students were asked to think about and share an ‘I Am’ and an ‘I want or I will’ affirmation, to help guide them throughout their day. After three massive rotations with morning tea in between, students then made their way up to the Lodge for lunch. Once lunch was complete, students got changed into their 'Monster' attire. After completing their final rotation of activities, students had their afternoon tea; the teachers and staff performed the 'Nut Bush' in front of the students. The groups were briefed on the Monster Course, hyped and ready, the first heat set off, followed by heat two, heat three, heat four, and lastly heat five. Where two teams got to run in a contest with each other. All groups smashed their first lap, little did they realize that the actual test of resilience and grit was doing the Monster lap twice, the winner of the Monster Course was the tribe with the best improvement time, comparing their first lap to their second! Every team gave their best and got through the course together, all groups improved! well done!

Last day and there were a lot of tired faces in the room, we read out a bunch of GMICs, followed by a gratitude session by Ella, where they were asked what, and whom they were grateful for. We also set a quick intention as they only had two more rotations to go, and they didn’t want to go home wondering ‘what if’. The students then reported to the stage to do the final game, students got their bodies moving with a game of ‘Jockeys’. After the last two rotations had been completed, the tribes get to reflect on their camp experience with each other and then proceeded to choose a values winner for their tribe, someone who embodied the 5 Keys consistently throughout camp (names stated in the table below)

All activities run were as follows; Rock Wall, High Wire, Summit Window, Scavenger Hunt, Flying Fox, Bush Challenge, Abseil, Laser Skirmish, Cave, and Snake & Nails



On behalf of the Team and myself, we would like to say thanks for playing all in and having all the fun!! We hope you had as much fun as we did, all the best for the rest of the year.


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