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It has been an absolute pleasure to have the year 11’s, Mr. Mitri and Mrs. French from Bellarine S.C. at The Summit for their three-day camp. After settling in and going through the introductions, the tribe (Bundah) began with an initiative, Treasure, getting everyone to work together and think outside the box. Onto the first of the activities was the Snowy River challenge, where from the outset, the tribe really worked well together. Angelina’s selflessness was the beginning of some brilliant leadership qualities shown when she jumped straight into the mud pit to makes sure the rest of the tribe could stay dry. Then there was Kade who scuffed his knees but never complained at all for the entire camp. Your time for the Snowy River challenge with the adjustment was 20.24. Tash’s Ladder was the first of the high activities, seeing everyone embrace the small tower and climb up to a height of 15 meters, all to then take your hands, a foot, or in Cam’s attempt both feet off at the top of the ladder.

Sky Bridge and Laser were the first of the activities on day two. Sky Bridge got you to really focus on what you wanted to achieve and not give up even if you fell, you got back up and kept moving forward no matter what. Laser was all about the fun strategies sometimes was at play but more about just having loads of fun and trash-talking each other.

Leap of Faith was the activity to get you outside the comfort zone when you leap off the tower for the trapeze. So many brave attempts and supportive cheers for everyone when they were having their go. High Wire was the last of the rotations of activities for day two. It really set up the mood and tone for the Monster Course as you all were just so supportive and willing to help out your tribe friends either physically on a rope or emotionally as you yelled out support while each person climbed.

Talking about the Monster Course, what great attitudes and fun it was the course. Mud, water, challenges were nothing compared to your determination from the start and finish strong as a tribe. This time you did the course in 43.57. Bonus point went to Jhett who lost his face mask in the barbed wire crawl but then went back to look and retrieve it back.

The last day of camp saw you walk across a bed of nails and hold “Mitch” our Coastal Carpet Python. There was a lot of excitement during these activities, especially when we got to feed Mitch. Shrills and thrills were how we could describe the Giant Swing. A 22.5-meter drop from the top was a rush for everyone. Just remember who you were doing it for …. “The Bundah”.

At the end of camp you all voted for people in the tribe who lived out the 5 Keys (Have Fun, Play All In, Making lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don't Go Home Wondering What If). These people were rightfully rewarded with a ride in The Summit army tank.

Congratulations to Kade, Jhett and Angelina. Good luck for the rest of the year and we look forward to seeing you all back at the Summit Next year hopefully for your year 12 camp.


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