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The Summit coaches Ella and Centauri had the privilege of leading the Bellarine Secondary College year 11 students over their 3-day camp at The Summit.

On Wednesday the 27th of July, Bellarine’s minibus rolled through our gates full of an epic group of absolute legends!

Over time you all lived and breathed by our Five Keys:

1. Have fun

2. Play all in

3. Make lots of mistakes

4. Get comfortable being uncomfortable

5. Don’t go home wondering what if

And you all pushed beyond your target, stretches and super stretches!

From day one we had all the fun, sticking as one large group, calling ourselves the “Matata’s”.

The first two activities were the Rock Wall and the Snowy River Challenge! Starting with the Rock Wall, you were already playing all in and an impressive number of people got to the very top to ring the bell, we even saw it was possible to do in platform docs! However, what really impressed us was how well you all worked as a team at the Snowy River Challenge. Shout out to Luna and Laura who got in the water to help their team cross the balance beam, you both are superstars! After smashing through the course, you all had the opportunity to go through the wombat hole, which the majority of the team decided to do!

The next day we headed straight to the laser field, where the red team took it out: 2 – 1! The next three rotations were Tash’s Ladder, the Giant Swing and The Summit Window, where you all continued to push yourselves outside your comfort zone.

The real test came with our Monster Course. Running as one big team through the water, mud, and obstacles, having all the fun! We finished the course; you were all wet and cold and at this point, we sprung it on you that we were doing the whole course again! Although some were in disbelief and struggled to go on, you all were so resilient and strong, with the best attitudes.

We smashed through the second lap and improved the time by over 10 minutes!

On the last day, we started with a game of Jockeys where we spent most of the game trying not to slip over in the mud! Lastly, we headed to Highwire and the Leap of Faith where you all continued to impress us with how much you’d all grown since day one.

To finish camp, we all voted for a value winner, someone in the group who lived and breathed by our 5 keys and really unleashed their greatness. Although you all did an awesome job, the two winners were Nicole and Hamish who truly deserved it! For a reward, they got to go for a hot lap in our army tank!

Thank you all so much for such an epic time! Not only did we admire how much you all pushed yourselves, but we genuinely loved hanging out with such a fun group of people!

All the best for the rest of the year and the future! Stay epic!

From Ella and Centauri


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