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Belmont Primary School Blog

What a fun bunch of legends. For most, it was the very first time joining us here in Trafalgar East. So firstly, thank you for making your way down. After a nice bus ride down, the students were eager to hit the ground running and complete some activities. Before we got stuck into the activities though we shared our 5 particularly important keys with the kids. These are:

1. Have fun

2. Play all in

3. Make lots of mistakes

4. Get comfortable being uncomfortable

5. Don’t go home wondering what if

We believe that if you do one or more of these keys, you’ll have a wicked time at camp. To get our bodies moving we played a game with the students called 50 Up, this involves keeping the ball up in the air for 50 touches or more with their hands.

Once the students crushed the game, we moved on to our initiatives, this allows the students to work together to solve problems and see how well they were using their teamwork skills. After the grade 5/6’s started jellying and finding their groove, we then had afternoon tea and completed our first lot of activities.

The activities were the same over the three days. The students found themselves 18 meters in the air Abseiling down our big tower, scarring up the Rock Wall, climbing to all highs of Tash’s Ladder, putting their teamworking skills to the test to complete the Bush Challenge in record times and flying over our beautiful lake on the Flying Fox.

To all the students who pushed themselves outside of their comfort zones, we thank you. It’s not easy to do the things that frighten us, however, how cool it is now having that reference of doing something that wasn’t as bad as you thought it was going to be. Also, it was so lovely to hear so many GMICs written to all your peers, we hope you continue to keep doing this as it's important to remind yourselves and others how amazing they are.

To start our mornings off we got the students to set a goal they wanted to achieve for the day (win the morning win the day) and got them to consider all the things they have, to be grateful for when you are genuinely happy it’s hard to think of all the things you don’t have. We also played many games such as Pirates, Octopuses, 50 Up, and the best one was we had a water fight just before the Mud Run to cool off as it was so hot.

We coaches saw so many individuals truly push their comfort zones to the max, we hope you continue to keep challenging yourself because that’s how we grow. An awesome example of this was when the students completed the Mud Run, not once but twice. To see the resilience, you all brought was world-class, thank you for playing in the mud with us. Each team was timed to see how fast they could do it, and the second lap was to see the improvement times. Anybody can run the course on a good day, however, it’s how you show up when you’re tired and wet/muddy that matters most. So well done for smiling through it all.

On the last day of our final debriefs we got the students to vote for one person in their group, this person is someone who lived by our 5 Keys and isn’t going to be going home with any regrets. Congratulations to the following people: Blue, Jai, Alice, Lila, and Kale

Group names:

1. Muscley Mangos

2. Crazy coconuts

3. Cheeky cherries

4. Groovy Grapes

5. Peppy pineapples

Bush Challenge times: Monster times:

1. 38:54 3rd PLACE 6:26 3rd

2. 32:36 2nd PLACE 12:20 2nd

3. 49:13 4:30

4. 43:58 11:27

5. 31:55. 1st PLACE 2:44 3rd

We wish you all the absolute best for the year ahead. Stay safe and keep smiling!

From The Summit crew.


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