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Box Hill High School Year 8 Camp Blog

What a fantastic three days it has been with the year 8’s from Boxhill H.S. The weather definitely turned it on for us. After all the logistics were sorted for camp, there was no time to waste as 199 students embarked on their Summit Camp Journey.

First things first were for tribes to come up with a tribe name:

Welcome to ING


Jerome Dingleberries



Meat Trees

Top G’s

Lucas and Friends



Team Terrance

Jail Birds

Aiden’s Friends

Team Blue Bench.

With so many different groups there were plenty of challenges for each tribe to participate in.

Here are the results from those challenges.

Snowy River Challenge: Yess got a time of 51.06, Team Blue Bench got a time of 38.31, Crickey’s took 28.46 to complete the course, Lucas and Friends took 27.52 to complete the course, Jail Birds took 26.29, Aiden’s Friends took 22.27, but winning was Team Terrance who took 21.16 to complete the course.

Buch Challenge: Meat Trees did the course in 41.19, Hipporats did the course in 40.05, Cheerios did the course in 37.06, Top G’s did the course in 36.33, ING did the course in 34.36, Lunchbox did the course in 31.48 but winning were Jerome’s Dingleberries who completed their course in 19.37

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Yess 160 points, Crickey’s 375, Aiden’s Friends 380, Top G’s 420, Team Terrance 462, Cheerio’s 455, Hipporats 475, Team Blue Bench 500, Meat Trees 535, ING 595, Lunchbox 622, Jerome’s dingleberries 653, Jail Birds 660 and winning were Lucas and Friends with 760 points.

Monster Course: H.M teachers with a time of 26.19 (DQ’d), Cheerios DNS, Crickey’s improved by 6.16, Lucas and Friends improved by 7.34, Jerome’s Dingleberries 8.38, Yess improved by 8 40, Lunchbox improved by 10.37, Team Blue Bench improved by 10.42, Aiden’s Friends improved by 12.01, Team Terrance improved by 12.35, Top G’s improved by 13.05, Jail Birds improved by 13.13, Meat Trees improved by 13.56 and winning with an improvement of 15.38 were Hipporats.

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for a Values winner. These individuals demonstrated the Five Keys as the best for their tribe and were rewarded with a hot lap in the army tank. Congratulations to Dianna, Owen, Rohin, Paradise, Zanabe, Kaya, Tyler, Cash, Albi, Claire, Marco, Cam, Joel, and Talen who were the values winners.

Thank you again to all the students and their teachers from Boxhill. We hope you had as much fun at camp as we did running it for you.


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