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On Wednesday the 19th of May we welcomed Box Hill Secondary College to The Summit. It was nice to see so many smiling faces get off the busses. The students also brought incredible weather with them. So for that, we thank you!

After the students got settled into their accommodation and had some lunch it was time to get into it. To get the ball rolling all the students made their way down to the Lodge. In that space, we shared our 5 Keys with the students. We share these keys with every group that joins us at The Summit. We believe in order to unleash your inner greatness you must do at least one or more of our five keys.






We also shared a goal-setting technique called Target, Stretch, and Super Stretch. It’s important to be clear with your goals, so you get the most out of what you want to achieve. This is a way the kids could break down activities or things they found challenging into three manageable steps. Now that all of the talking was out of the way, it was time to make our way out into the park and have all the fun. The activities started by partaking in a few initiatives. Each group had to come up with a group name throughout their first challenge. So after that, they were known as the following:

1. Big Chickens

2. Ginger Ninjas

3. Amigos

4. Spiders Eggs

5. Deep Fried Dinos

6. Bee Nation

7. Eshay Nuggets

8. The Big Brains

9. 3 Squared

10. Team 10

11. Green Power Rangers

12. Endangered Noodles

13. Bacon

To get our bodies warmed up we all played a game called Jockies. It was an elimination game played by pairs. Congratulations to Harry and Riley who won the game, great work playing all in. Once we were all warmed up and ready to go, we had some afternoon tea. After that, it was time to keep unleashing our greatness. The students had one rotation before bringing the day to a close. These activities were: Scavenger Hunt, Orienteering, High Wire - climbing a tree with a partner, walking over a tight wire and handshaking each other before getting lowered to the ground safely, The Summit Window - leaning back and trusting a rope with a 23 meters drop below. The students had the chance to lean back from the platform letting go, with both hands and also 1 leg. But it doesn’t stop there; they also got to fly 26 meters in the air on the tallest Giant Swing in Victoria, Rockwall - congratulations to everyone who made it to the top of each wall. Navigating through our dark narrow Cave, Abseiling down a 20-meter drop, Laser Skirmish, Flying Fox, walking over a bed of nails and patting our pet python, Mitch the snake, Bush Challenge, and lastly our Leap of Faith - the students climbed 15 meters in the air onto a small platform where they then jumped for a bar. If they were successful in grabbing the bar they were able to hang upside down. From there they let go of the bar and were lowered onto a safety mat. Talk about pushing, pushing themselves outside their comfort zones. Well done everyone. As the day came to a close The Summit crew shared a little something called Great Moments In Camp (GMIC’S) throughout the Year 8’s time at The Summit we got them to write down all the great things they saw someone else do, then we shared them over meal times and free time. Great way to support and get around each other. It was great to hear so many GMIC’S read out over during the year 8’s stay with us at The Summit.

To start our days at The Summit we like to set up our morning by setting an intention and thinking of the things we are grateful for. As the saying goes- win the morning win the day. We believe if you set your morning up with clear goals and direction you are more likely to get the most out of your day. (Remember you get to choose what you want on your sandwich) make it be your flavor.

Now that we had considered and set our intentions for the day and thought of a few things to be grateful for it was time to go make it real out in the park. The students continued with their activities from the day before. It was great to see many students push themselves beyond their limits, and achieve things they didn’t think they could would or should. Thank you to all the students who got comfortable being uncomfortable and for playing all in, especially when it came to partaking in our EPIC Monster Course in the afternoon. Where they completed the course not once but twice. This is a timed event. The first time to see how fast they can run the course, and the second to see their team’s improvement time. The reason why- we like the students to have a reference of them thinking they having nothing left to give and then doing better than what they thought they could. It shows a lot about a team that shows up when it’s challenging. ‘Anyone can show up on a good day, it’s how you show up on the hard days that matters the most. Every team had a great improvement time on their second laps. GO TEAM! Great to see you all giving it you’re very best.

To start off our last morning off we started with a session on Gratitude; we got the kids to think about all the things and people they were grateful for in their lives. And how the presence of our actions can have a positive effect on those around us. A few things to be grateful for where;

· Family

· Sunshine

· All the Activates we got to do at The Summit

· Mum and Dad

· Grateful for opportunities

· Education

· Best Friends

With gratitude on the radar, we hit the park running one last time. To get the students' bodies moving, we played a game called Huckle Buckle before splitting off one last time to complete the last two rotations of the day. Once again incredible efforts for all the year 8’s even though most of them were pooped from a long three days they all did a fantastic effort to stay tuned for the last few hours. It was evident many of the year 8’s didn’t want to be going home wondering what if. Before we knew it lunchtime rolled around. After lunch, it was time to say goodbye.

To all the year 8’s of Box Hill Secondary College, we wish you all the very best for the rest of your year. The Summit Crew loved getting to know you all. Remember to always play all in and don’t go home wondering what if. We hope you find all the fun through the year ahead.

All the best.

From: All your epic Summit coaches!

Activity Results

Bush Challenge

1. 33.05

2. 26.47

3. 29.33

4. 20.10 2nd PLACE

5. 23.48 3rd PLACE

6. 15.04 1st PLACE

Scav Hunt

8. 620 2nd PLACE

9. 718 1st PLACE

10. 458

11. 340

12. 560 3rd PLACE

13. 490

Monster Times

1. 10.27

2. 719

3. 7.43

4. 13.14

5. 12.00

6. 12.36

7. 5.35

8. 13.13

9. 7.41

10. 16.12 2nd PLACE

11. 25.00 1st PLACE

12. 6.00

13. 15.59 3rd PLACE


In our last debrief the students were asked to vote for one person in their team who lived by our 5 Keys and gave everything a good hot crack. These students are:

I. Marcus

II. Lachie

III. Aaron

IV. Ava

V. Boris

VI. Finn

VII. Dama


IX. Emily

X. Jerry

XI. Ashi

XII. Kai

XIII. Amber

Congratulations to our Values winners- you were all a true stand-out in your teams. Keep crushing it! All the best for the rest of 2021.


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