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What an amazing three days it has been with the students and teachers from Brighton Secondary College for their YR 9 camp. After all the crazy changes to camps, it was great to be able to have you at The Summit with both camps combining to make for an epic mega camp.

After introductions and an initiative, it was time to name our tribes and move into the first rotations. Big Burts Crew, French Medics, Wet Dogs, Sushi Lovers, F.F.S, Carchigas, Carchow, The Mercanators, Cohen’s Crew, Frank, Team Turtles Go, and Jonah From Tonga were the names of the tribes.

Here are some of the results from the tribe challenges that were completed throughout camp.

Scav hunt:

F.F.S - 140

Frank - 275

Big Burt Crew - 290

Team Turtles Go - 380

French Medics - 400

Sushi Lover - 420

Cohen’s Crew - 420

Jonah From Tonga - 460

Wet Dogs - 520 WInners

Bush Challenge:

F.F.S - 30.10

Cohen’s Crew - 28.32

Wet Dogs - 26.14

Big Burts Crew - 22.59

Carchigas - 22.55

The Mercanators - 22.54

Sushi Lovers - 22.44

French Medics - 18:37

Carchow - 16.13 Winners

Snowy River Challenge:

Carchow - 37.06

The Mercanators - 31.56

French Medics - 31.33

Big Burts Crew - 27.31

Carchigas - 24.23

Cohen’s Crew - 23.17,

Jonah From Tonga - 22.40

Team Turtles Go - 17.16

Frank -16.43 Winners

Monster course: Improvement Time

Team Turtles Go - 4.05

The Mercanators - 4.55

F.F.S - 5.40

Wet Dogs - 7.11

French Medics -7.27,

Frank - 8.20

Cohen’s Crew and Jonah From Tonga - 10.07

Carchigas -10.51

Carchow - 11.06 Winners

There were so many amazing moments and highlights shown through your GMIC to each other and The Summit coaches were buzzing with all the awesome efforts.

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for the person in their tribe who lived by The Summit Five Keys. These individuals were rewarded with a ride in The Summit army tank.

Congratulations to Sam, Charles, Abi, Sandy, Sarchi, Calen, Halal, Dan, Stephan, Ollie, Arjin, and Lenny.

Thank you to everyone who came to the summit from Brighton. We cannot wait to see you back at the summit real soon.


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