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Brookside College Grade 4 Blog

On Wednesday, the grade fours from Brookside College made their way to The Summit for school camp. After getting settled into accommodation, it was time to get started. Everyone first learnt about the Five Keys: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don't Go Home Wondering What If. The next important piece of information was all around goal setting and using Target, Stretch, Super Stretch to get the most out of activities. Camp was started with an initiative, getting everyone in the right frame of mind before taking on the big activities!

By the end of day one, the groups were called:

Group 1: Pink Potatoes

Group 2: Safaris

Group 3: Crazy Campers

Group 4: Ben & Jerries

Group 5: Wakka Wakka

Day two started with the introduction of Morning Intentions, and how setting your day up from the beginning can have a really positive impact on the rest of the day. Another round of initiatives kick started the morning before heading into two more rotations of the activities: Bush Challenge, High Wire, Inflatables, Abseil, and Scavenger Hunt.

After lunch, everyone completed the last of the five rotations before taking on the Monster Course! The Monster Course had everyone carrying things, throwing balls, moving tyres, balancing, dodging, crawling underneath things, and most importantly, working together as a group to get the job done! It was really cool watching all the grade four students really embrace the Five Keys as they made their way through the course! Well done to everyone for getting it done!

Day three started with some Gratitude, and a reminder to be thankful of the things that everyone did in their life, rather than what they didn't have. There was time for two new activities for everyone. Groups got to complete two of: Snakes and Nails, Tash's Ladder, Cave, Flying Fox, and, Rock Wall! Suddenly it was lunch time! After all the results were collected, it was time to announce the winners!

Thank you to everyone from Brookside College who came and played hard!!

- Jackie, Steph, Liana, Ash, Jackson, Chey, Natanya, Timmy, Ella, Sophie


Bush Challenge

Group 1: 23:50

Group 2: 35:10

Group 3: 26:40

Group 4: 40:09

Group 5: 35:50

Monster Course

Group 1: 5:19

Group 2: 6:28

Group 3: 7:12

Group 4: 3:04

Group 5: 1:02

Values Winners

Group 1: Max

Group 2: Kate

Group 3: Hannah

Group 4: Kaylee

Group 5: Paige


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