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Life is nothing but a hustle and bustle of ups and downs, good times, great times, and many fearful moments. A lot of the emotions we experience in our day-to-day world are often manageable. We just don't know where to start to take on the challenge or get out of the funk we put ourselves in. However, over your 3-day camp experience with us at The Summit, you embraced feelings, conquered fears, and stepped way outside your comfort zone to understand the type of person you are and how every action you make continuously is shaping the YOU of tomorrow.

Activities such as Snowy River, Scavenger Hunt, and Laser Tag had you working together in teams to achieve a goal together while other activities were more individually based. Sky Bridge, Summit Window, and Rock Wall took you high up in the sky but still required group encouragement and emotional support from teammates to achieve the goals you set and desired.

We as coaches hope that the valuable lessons you learned over your experience are remembered and you continue to strive towards your dreams no matter how fun-filled or serious to life they end up being. Set your T, S, SS and before you know it you will have achieved the unimaginable.

Below is a table of all your results from challenges, keeping in mind that monster times are only the improvement/ added times between laps.

We all just wanted to say a massive thank you for coming, hanging out, letting us get to know you, and share in the memories, laughs, and good times that was Year 8 camp. Keep being authentically you, and bold enough to change the world around you for the better...Your Summit staff Mia, Ash, Spinks, Jac, Cent, Steph, Paris, Logan, Sarah, Jackson, and Zoe.


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