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Bundoora SC Year 8 Camp Blog

On a warm, sunny, and very exciting Monday morning, the Bundoora Secondary College crew rolled into The Summit and instantly divided and conquered! The year 9 students were sent to our Lodge while all the important people (the year 8 students and teachers!) made their way up to the Stadium to kick off an epic week. All was in readiness and once the staff and I had introduced ourselves and our Five Keys to a great camp of, Have Fun, Play all in, Make lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If, we headed down into the park.

First up we played a couple of games and then got into the first rotation of our major activities, those being our Leap of Faith, Tash’s Ladder, Cave, Inflatable City and Bush Challenge. We then returned to the Stadium where the students put their heads together to come up with a Tribe Identity. They were asked to come up with a group name they wanted to be known as for the remainder of camp, a Logo, a flag design and a team chant and they didn't disappoint!

Group 1 The Angels

Group 2 The Potato Gems

Group 3 Daniella's Devils

Group 4 Tara’s Tributes

Group 5 The Smurfinators

The energy was high and it was fantastic to see some real breakthroughs of courage, creativity and teamwork so early on camp. The Sky Bridge was the most challenging, as the height of our Summit Window platform seemed much higher on it than it did under it. The Giant Swing was another challenge of height but once up there it was well worth it. Our Cave experience scared many of the students, but they battled through and learned a lot about courage at the same time. The Inflatables was a fun experience while The Snowy River Challenge taught everyone a valuable lesson about teamwork.

After an epic campfire and a lucky escape from some terrifying possums on Monday night, Tuesday was kicked off with a chat about setting an intention and how powerful it can be, before three more opportunities to shine in our park.

That afternoon we helped out our local wildlife with a game of Magical Creatures, before we ran our epic Monster Course, our mud run through a number of physical activities that got everyone, including the coaches and teachers, wet, muddy and exhausted. Tara’s Tributes recorded the best improvement time to win the challenge, but every group did amazingly.

On Wednesday we finished our last two rotations before wrapping up an epic camp. We then wrapped up the day with some thank you’s and read out the times and revealed the Values winners, before quickly saying our goodbyes.

The times and scores for the activities and the values winners were:

Thank you all again from Myself, Zoe, Cal, Sam, Sam, Jacob, and Liam, and we can't wait to see the Bundoora Secondary students when they come back again next year for an even cooler Year 9 experience.


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