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Chelsea Heights P.S. Camp Blog

On the 22nd of March 2023, The Summit Adventure Park welcomed the buses of Chelsea Heights. Students promptly got shown their new homes for the next few days, these were the big blue bunk room tents of tent village.

Students then assembled in the Blue room, where they met their epic coaches Timmay, Yves, Steph, and Sunny!

They also learned about The Summit’s secret recipe for an incredible camp - these are the Five Keys. When embraced they are guaranteed to turn a great camp into an AWESOME one! The Five Keys are:

  1. Have Fun - in everything you do

  2. Play All In - give everything your 100% all

  3. Make Lots of Mistakes - when you make mistakes you grow from those!

  4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable - when you take the chance to leap out of your comfort zone, that’s where the magic happens

  5. Don’t Go Gome Wondering What If - don’t leave camp with any regrets

Then without further ado, it was time to get into the action! We raced down into the park, and started with a game of 50 Up, helping Jilly jump her way into the Olympics. Then we got into activity groups, did some initiative challenges where we uncovered the team values that were going to come in very handy over the next few days… and of course come up with a team name! Groups came up with:

  1. Gangsta Goblins

  2. Barbies and Kens

  3. Rushing Rivers

  4. The Great Boxing Bananas

Before the activities began we learned how to put on a helmet and harness from an entertaining performance from Timmy and Yves, then coach Steph shared an epic goal-setting strategy called Target, Stretch, Super Stretch - which is the best strategy to break down big activities into manageable chunks, and ultimately help us get the most out of everything we try!

Then it was time to get into it. The first set of activities had campers navigating the darkness in the Cave activity, embracing team spirit by creating a flag and a chant in Tribe Identity, putting teamwork to the test in Bush Challenge, scaling trees, and walking across the air in High Wire.

After the big two activities, day one was done! The day wrapped up with Timmy explaining a camp tradition called ‘GMIC‘ - which stands for Great Moments in Camp and this is all about acknowledging the great moments seen throughout the day by writing them down on a piece of paper to be read out at meal times.

Day two kicked off with setting some daily intentions, which means choosing how you want to show up for the day. Some intentions that were set from the Chelsea Heights legends were to “give everything a go” and to “treat people with kindness” and of course, “To get really really muddy!” - all such wonderful intentions.

Then we sprinted down into the park and began with a warm-up game of Rock Paper Scissors EVOLUTION which was a fun way to wake up!

After finishing off two more thrilling rotations, a whole new set was introduced! This new set of activities had campers climbing to the top of Tash’s Ladder and getting the best view of The Summit, competing for points using creativity and teamwork in the Scavenger Hunt challenge, hanging out with Mitch, The Summit’s resident pet snake and walking across a bed of nails in Snakes and Nails and abseiling down a ginormous tower in the Abseil.

All that action had us working up an appetite, so it was time for some lunch. Burgers did the trick, then we were ready for one more activity and of course, The Summit’s famous Monster Course!

The Monster Course was a hardcore obstacle course that involved running, teamwork, carrying car tires, communication, determination, and a whole lot of mud! One lap down and the legends from Chelsea Heights were ready for a warm shower.. however, the secret was revealed that the winner of the Monster Course wasn’t actually the team that did it the quickest the first time, however, the winners were the team that improved the most on the second lap. Every single person showed so much greatness in the way they banded together to come up with some incredible improvement times! Here are the results:

  1. 7.34

  2. 14.52

  3. 10.20

  4. 10.31

To top off an awesome day, coaches opened up the water slide which ended up being a highlight for many!

Day three began with reading out some GMICs, and it was truly great to reflect on so many wonderful moments of camp. Some of the acknowledgments went to: Corey for conquering Tash’s Ladder, Jacob for being such a good leader on the Monster Course, Will for his constant can-do attitude and for being a supportive teammate throughout the Monster Course, and Bella for always being so kind and for being so awesome in the Bush Challenge. After reading out some GMICs, we talked about the power of starting our days by acknowledging things in our lives we’re grateful for. This inspired us to dig deep for the final two activities and continue to achieve some amazing feats.

Before we knew it, the activities were over! Every group did a reflection on camp and wrapped up by voting for one team member that had truly lived and breathed the Five Keys of camp.

Congratulations to these values winners: Zao, Bella, Banjo, and Corey

To reward them for being the MVPs of camp, all of these winners got the chance to ride in The Summit’s very own WW2 army tank!!

On behalf of all the departments at The Summit, we want to thank the teachers and students of Chelsea Heights for another fantastic camp. Leaders at The Summit look forward to the Chelsea Heights program every year, so thank you for another awesome couple of days. Best of luck for the rest of 2023!

From coaches Yves, Steph, Timmay, and Sunny

Bush Challenge results:

  1. 27.32

  2. 32.24

  3. 34.42

  4. 35.17

Scavenger Hunt results:

  1. 560

  2. 470

  3. 380

  4. 370


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