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Clifton Hill Primary School Blog

It has been so great to have the grade 6 students from Clifton Hill PS for the last 3 days. After the introduction, it was time to form the tribes and come up with a tribe name.

Here are the new tribes and their names:

  1. Cleo’s Koalas,

  2. Bin Chickens

  3. The Emo’s

  4. Jack Rabbits

  5. Fantastic 5

  6. Micro Fibre Cloths

  7. Summit Seven

  8. Summit Snakes

Here are the full results from the tribe challenges completed throughout camp.

Photo Scavenger Hunt:

The Emo’s 240

Jack Rabbits 240

Summit Seven 260

Bin Chickens 280

Micro Fibre Cloths 300

Cleo’s Koalas 310

Summit Snakes 310

Fantastic 5 winning by 470 points

Snowy river Challenge:

Summit Seven 40.54

Fantastic 5 40.13

Cleo’s Koalas 34.02

The Emo’s 30.18

Bin Chickens 29.15

Summit Snakes 26.16

Jack Rabbits 23.27

Micro Fibre Cloths won with a time of 22.57

Monster Course time improvement:

Summit Snakes 4.35

Cleo’s Koalas 6.14

Jack Rabbits 7.22

The Emos 8.40

Summit Seven9.12

Bin Chickens14.51

Micro Fibre Cloths16.39

Fantastic 5 - winning by a whopping 19.32!

So many people braved heights to tackle the Leap of Faith, High Wire, Summit Window and the Giants Swing. Not to mention that some people faced their biggest fear to handle and pat “Mitch" the python. This was demonstrated through the endless amounts of GMIC’s given out at camp and taken back to school to share with those who were acknowledged.

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for someone in the tribe who lived by the summit 5 keys. Those individuals were Mila, Sophie, Ridley, Ben, Alice, Neave, Hannah, and Lucy. Well done to each tribe member who was voted for being outstanding for your tribe.

We cannot wait to see you back at The Summit in the near future!


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