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On the morning of September 5th, the wonderful year six students from Clifton Hill Primary School were welcomed to The Summit Adventure Park.

The campers got settled into their cabin accommodation after they hopped off the bus, and then we all met at a place called the Lodge, where we found out some information that would come in very handy over the next couple of days. The first thing we learnt about was our inspiring leaders as they strutted their stuff down the middle of the room! The energy was buzzing, but before we burst out into the park, we learnt some more key bits of information that were going to help us have the best camp ever. These were actually called the Five Keys of camp! They were to:

  1. Have Fun - rain, hail or shine, we are at camp to have the best time ever!

  2. Play All In - like Nike’s slogan to “Just do it” we want to give everything a shot to the best of our ability

  3. Make Lots of Mistakes - we love to make heaps of mistakes because that’s how we learn!

  4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable - we challenge everyone to embrace those butterflies in their stomachs, even when they do get nervous because that’s when the magic happens.

  5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What If - don’t leave camp with any regrets!

After finding out what the ingredients are for an epic camp, we jumped right into some team challenges!

Our first set of activities was called initiatives. This helped us learn all about what it means to work as a team. It was only fitting after we established what teamwork was needed, to come up with some unique team names!

These were:

Team 1 - Dino Nuggets

Team 2 - Muddy Wombats

Team 3 - BarraMundi Cupcakes

Team 4 - SAILing Green-Beans

Team 5 - Cheese

Team 6 - J’s Nuggies

Team 7 - Eeh

Without further ado, it was time to start activities! Campers were presented with an entire range of activities that would prove what a bunch of legends they were. Activities had the teams navigate their way through the darkness in the Cave challenge, work together with teamwork and communication on the Snowy River Challenge, put our heads together with creative thinking in the Scavenger Hunt, and fly through the air on one of Victoria’s highest Giant Swings, being courageous when leaping for a bar 15 meters in the air for Leap of Faith, competing for fun in the Inflatables and scaling tall trees at High Wire.

One of the Five Keys of camp is to “Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable” which seems easier said than done, however, campers discovered a goal-setting strategy to help them along the way. This strategy is called “Target, Stretch, Super Stretch” and helps break overwhelming tasks into three manageable goals. A target is something we know we can do; a stretch is something we think we can do, and a super stretch is something that seems near impossible, but something we’d love to do.

Before we knew it, day two rolled around, and what a spectacular day it was! No clouds in sight, blue sky all around! We started off the day by learning about what it means to set a daily intention, and by doing that we get a choice in how our days go! Some of us shared that we wanted to be brave, some said supportive, some said to have fun, and some even said that they were excited to get as muddy as possible! And gosh, all those goals were achieved by the afternoon!

After lunch, we decided who was going first on the much-anticipated Monster Course by playing some exciting tribe challenges of HUMAN TIC TAC TOE and Tug of War! It was a battle of heroes as the winning teams from HUMAN TIC TAC TOE went head-to-head in the Tug of War. The Chicken Nuggies and Muddy Wombats were the reigning champions and they got to start the mud run off with a bang, competing in the first heat. After the first lap was complete, campers got told that here at The Summit, although we value those who work hard the first time, we think that what is important is the team that shows resilience and can band together the most when times are challenging. How we found out who the winning team was, was seeing who could improve by the most on a second epic lap of the Monster Course! Teams showed how tough and resilient they were when they rose to the challenge and came up with some incredible improvement times!

Team Dino Nuggets - 08.08

Team Muddy Wombats - 07.02

Team Barramundi Cupcakes - 09.12

Team SAILing Green Beans - 10.00

Team Cheese - 07.30

Team J/Chickie Nuggies - 08.00

Team Eeh - 11.23

Excellent effort from all, a big congratulations to the team Eeh for improving by the most!!

Day three was welcomed with spectacular weather and an inspiring talk on gratitude from Ash! We started out by reading out some epic GMICs (great moments in camp) and reflected on all the wonderful things we had achieved over the last three days. We then talked about some of the wonderful things in our lives that we are grateful for and learnt that when we start our day thinking about all we have, our day only gets better from there!

We had a wholesome last two rotations as campers finished their second activity by sharing some reflections and voting for a values winner. These values winners were one person from every group that really lived and breathed the Five Keys of camp. They are:

  1. Finn

  2. Lachie

  3. Angus

  4. Alsa

  5. Riley

  6. Clem

  7. Emery

And as a special Summit reward, these champs got an epic lap in our army tank! Unreal! Congratulations to these 7 winners!

On behalf of the Summit staff, we all wanted to say a massive thank you to the Clifton Hill P.S. crew and all the legendary teachers and parent helpers for an incredibly fun camp!

We wish you all the best for the rest of 2022, keep kicking goals!

From Coaches: Ash, Centauri, Zoe, Emily, Yves, Lina, Timmy, Marcus, Zoe, Sam and Sunny!

Snowy River Challenge times:

  1. 30:12

  2. 25.07

  3. 26.34

  4. 38.50

  5. 37.52

  6. 36.18

  7. 36.20

Scavenger Hunt scores:

  1. 220

  2. 380

  3. 305

  4. 505

  5. 420

  6. 350

  7. 250


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