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Cobden Technical School Blog

Cobden Technical School arrived on Wednesday the 7th for their 3-day camp, and it was a lovely sunny day, the students hopped off the bus and headed up to settle in before meeting the coaches: Centauri and Sam. After that everyone headed down to the park to play a game of 50 Up before splitting up into two groups: The Cobden Bush Rats and Billy Bobs. After we finished Tarp Flip and Spiders Web, the groups started our first rotations of camp which were Bush Challenge and Rock Wall. The teams' times for the Bush Challenge were:

Billy Bobs - 25:26

Coden Bush Rats - 50:34.

Everyone worked well in their teams on the first day!

On the second morning, Centauri and Sam came in and we all talked about setting a morning intention

before heading out to play a game of ninja. Everyone then hopped into their groups and made their way to Leap of Faith and High Wire before morning tea and after that, we had a new rotation before lunch which was Laser Skirmish and Sky Bridge. After lunch, the groups finished the last activity before starting the Monster Course.

The students ran two laps of the course, both improving by over 5 minutes!

The improvement times were:

Billy Bob 10:21

Cobden Bush Rats 5:51


After dinner, the students ended their day with a movie in The Stadium.

The last day was here, and we were ready for our last two activities of camp which were Giant Swing and Flying Fox.

Before the students left, we announced the Values winners. The winners were the people that showed the Five Keys the best throughout camp. The Five Keys are: Have Fun, Play All In, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, Make Lots of Mistakes and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If. The Values winners are Max from Billy Bob and Hayden from Cobden Bush Rats. These two were lucky enough to get a go in our army tank while we all got the chance to watch. After that, the students hopped on the buses and waved our goodbyes.


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