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Cobden Technical School Year 8 Camp Blog

A cold and wet Wednesday saw 14 students and 5 adults from the great Cobden Technical School roll through the gates of The Summit for three days full of triumphs that no one saw coming. After Mim and I met everyone in the Blue Room to introduce ourselves and our Five Keys of Have Fun, Play All In, Make Mistakes, Get Comfortable being Uncomfortable and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If, we ventured down to the park to play a quick game, show everyone our harnesses and how to set themselves Targets, Stretches and Super Stretches, our very own goal-setting technique.

Nate even almost let us cut his hair to avoid putting it in a ponytail, but unfortunately, we couldn’t find a pair of scissors fast enough to do it before he changed his mind.

We then got into our first two rounds of activities, with Mim taking the newly crowned Nuggets over to the Summit Window, the tallest activity on camp. At the same time, the Dino Shreks tackled our team bonding activity, the Bush Challenge. The Summit Window offered everyone a chance to push themselves as high as they could, while the team-oriented people like Hunter and Logan, in the foam pit, helping everyone out, and Rhys and Isaac so willingly jumping back in to help, thrived in our team challenge.

After a feast, a few games, and a night walk on Wednesday, we started Thursday with a hot brekky, a bop along to Bon Jovi in the form of setting an intention for ourselves for the day. We also met Calarnee, who was helping us out for the day. Our first two activities were the Sky Bridge, which was a test of balance and shin strength, which Hunter found out and Cave, which was more of a challenge than anyone expected, especially Zander and Nathan, who really pushed through some fears to conquer.

We then moved over to Leap of Faith, where Liv proved she was more than just a pretty face, smashing the challenge of hanging upside down, and Laser Tag, where Isaac thanked Rhys for being such a good target and everyone had a turn at shooting Mr. Perriss!

We paused for some chicken tender wraps between rotations then after we coaxed Rhys and Bayley down off the Leap of Faith, we attacked our famous Monster Course. The course was run twice, much to the surprise of everyone (and the devastation of Cooper and Hunter, who had given everything on their first lap) with the improvement times used to determine the winners, as it was again the Nuggets Vs the Dino Shreks. With the advantage of numbers, Zabe’s commitment, Akeisha, and Enya’s drive and Xander and Nate’s leadership, the Nuggets were too strong, but only by 11 seconds.

That evening after some incredibly well-deserved showers and a massive serving of noodle (not spaghetti) Bolognese and garlic bread, the crew watched a movie, got their second wind and played some games before bed.

The following day after breakfast we read out some more GMICs, where we were able to highlight how grateful we were for each other and to have the opportunity to share some incredible experiences. We all then made our way down to the Inflatable City for a game of human Foosball, where Akeisha demonstrated some soccer skills that surprised even her and Charli showed her incredibly competitive streak, before the victorious Dino Shreks took on the teachers (and Mim) who reminded the kids who ruled the school!

We capped off camp with the Giant Swing, where Bayley and Jeromy both showed they still had some drive and resilience left by pushing themselves well out of their comfort zone again. Once we were done with the swing, we took a minute to debrief camp and vote on some Values winners, those amongst the group that the students felt best represented our Five Keys.

After some sandwiches for lunch, we read out the results below and gave the Values winners Xander, Hunter, Rhys, and Nate a surprise ride in our WW2 army tank. With enough time to still fit in a stop off at KFC on the way home, the teachers then had an opportunity as well, as a thank you from us for all their hard work and assistance throughout the three days.

A massive thank you to Jen, Liv, Luke, Bing, Chris and all the students from Cobden for making your way out to us for an incredible week. Mim, Calarnee, Liam and I can’t wait to have you all back again.



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