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On Monday the 17th of May The Summit was lucky enough to have the students from Concord School join us for their 3-day camp. With perfect weather on the cards, we started our camp off by learning our 5 Keys,

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don't Go Home Wondering What if.

These were going to be our main focus over the 3 days of camp. We were also introduced to our goal-setting technique Target, Stretch & Super Stretch which would help us get through our activities. It was then time to hit the park and get our bodies moving we started off with a big group game of 50UP and then moved into our activity groups and started our first rotations for the day. Up first was Abseil, Bush Challenge, Tash's Ladder, and Scavenger Hunt giving the students plenty of opportunities to push themselves outside their comfort zones whether it be bouncing down a tower, working in a team, or climbing a ladder 15 meters in the air finishing off an epic day.

With day 2 rolling around we started our morning off by setting a morning intention or a goal of what we wanted our day to look like. Before we got stuck into our activities we played a big group game of Huckle Buckle to warm up. It was then time to continue on with our rotations and start a fresh round of activities, these were The Leap of Faith, Orienteering, Flying Fox, and Inflatables. After lunch, the time had finally come to start our highly anticipated Monster Course with students and staff very excited, we set off on the epic race to see who could set the fastest time. Once the lap had finished the students were told they had the opportunity to run the lap again, a definite highlight for most people. With the day done and dusted it was time to shower up before dinner and a movie. Great work to everyone who got in and gave the Monster Course a red hot crack.

Our final day had arrived and we started our morning off altogether by sharing some things that we are grateful for. It was then time to get our bodies moving with a group game of Rock, Paper, Scissors Chants with Julie being our final champion. We then finished off the last of our activities and in our final debrief each team voted for one person who they thought stood out to them and lived camp by our 5 Keys. These 4 lucky people got to take home a Summit hat, well done to Reece, Serona, Marcus, and Marie.

The Summit Crew would like to thank everyone from Concord School that came along we all had a wonderful time. Ps if anyone needs a dance party Crystal is the go-to party planner.

Thank you from Cam, Soph, Ella, Chey, and Maddi. :)



1st Richmond 50.53

2nd Neigh Neighs 53.26

3rd Gucci Dinosaurs 57.12

4th Blue Lightning 69mins


1st Neigh Neighs 27.12

2nd Gucci Dinosaurs 37.48

3rd Richmond 40.18


1st Richmond 480

2nd Gucci Dinosaurs 479

3rd Blue Lightning 345

4th Neigh Neighs 335


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