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Croydon Community College Year 7-12 Camp Blog

Monday afternoon, the students from Croydon Community College rolled through The Summit gates. As they got shown to their Tent accommodations, they were introduced to their leaders, Spinks/Steph, Adam, and Emily; they were told about the basic rules of camp as well as the Five Keys; we made our way down to the BBQ shelter where we played a quick game of 50 Up. The groups got divided into three: The Light Switches, The Abkrays, and The Sausage Party. From there, they proceeded to do their first initiative, Treasure, Go Stop, and Spiders Web; after they were warmed up, they made their to either; Flying Fox, Snakes, and Nails or Snowy River Challenge, shortly after the tribes got asked to go back up to the Blue Room where they completed a tribe identity challenge where all tribes had to create a wristband with their team name on it. After dinner, The Summit staff ran a session of the Minute-to-win-it challenge, followed by an epic Chocolate Mouse fight.

On day 2, after breakfast, all groups assembled in the Blue Room, where we ran them through a morning intention session; we talked about everything out of our control, like; people, weather, and the programs we were about to do. After that, I challenge them to pick one intention for the day to focus on. We then watched a video '20 Things You Should Say More Often' by the Kid President. Once the morning intention was completed, students made their way down to the BBQ shelter, where we played a game of Pirates as all three groups completed their last two rotations before lunch. The teams were asked to get changed into their Monster clothes, where they were going to get wet and muddy from head to toe. After the last rotation of Giant Swing, Inflatables, and Abseiling, they played a game of volleyball, and teams went head to head in a tug of war. The Monster Course was about, to begin with, all teams were ready; we ran one big lap, where they all finished strong. The Light Switches ran their lap in one hour and 8 minutes, the Abkrays ran their lap in 51 minutes and 32 seconds and the Sausage Party ran their lap in 40 minutes and 44 seconds! Well done to all three teams. we surprised them with a turn on our water slide, a perfect way to end such a big day. All showered and after dinner, Steph and Emily ran a disco where we all boogied for two hours straight allowing all the fun.

Day three rolled around and it was the last day of camp Steph started the session with gratitude where we watched a video that was designed to put everything into perspective to see what to be truly grateful for. The students were then asked who and what they are grateful for in their lives as they were sharing, you could fill the granite should build in the room. Ready for their final day, heading down to the BBQ shelter we played our last game of Huckle Buckle, followed by two rotations. All groups voted for two values winners. Values winners are chosen in two categories, groups had to choose and vote for the hero of the group at the heart of the group two people who continuously showed the values of the Five Keys and embodied them. After the votes were in these were the following numbers that came up, from the Light switches we had; Siena and Maddie from the Abkrays we had Takoda and Joy and from the Sausage Party we had James and Josh, well deserved. All of these values got a hot lap in The summit's army tank, got to crush a car in front of the rest of the group, how cool is that?

On behalf of Emily and myself at The Summit, we would like to say thank you for coming and really embracing the Five Keys. We wish you all the best for the rest of the year and for the year to come! We hope to see you next year.


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