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On Wednesday, the grade sixes from Dromana Primary School made their way down to The Summit for a whole bunch of fun. The day started with a whole bunch of games and tribe challenges including Tc Tac Toe, Tug of War, Egg and Spoon race with a ping pong ball, and Potato Sack races. After a whole bunch of fun and the coaches demolishing teachers, it was time to head into the accommodation have some lunch and relax before a big afternoon of activities. The afternoon began with the introduction of the Five Keys: Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable, and Don't Go Home Wondering What If. The grade 6s also learned about Target, Stretch, and Super Stretch before heading into the first round of initiatives to warm up working as a group. Then it was time to take on the activities: Leap of Faith, Inflatables, Flying Fox, Bush Challenge, Highwire, and Cave. Before we knew it, it was the end of day one, the groups had renamed themselves and a whole bunch of fun had been had.

Day two started with the introduction of setting a morning intention and choosing how we wanted the day to look. Everyone got the chance to decide how they wanted their day to look, it was certainly going to be a big day. The morning started with another set of rotations of our activities giving everybody a chance to practice our Five Keys and the Target, Stretch and Super Stretch. After lunch, everybody had one more rotation of activities before it was time to take on the Monster Course. The course had everybody getting outside of their comfort zone pulling things, throwing things, carrying tires, and getting involved working together as teams to get the job done. After everybody gave their all during the Monster Course, it was time for a quick surprise, and everybody got the chance to go down the water slide as a treat for working so hard and so well. The end of day two didn't go exactly as planned, but all the teams still had a chance to have their best crack at a few Minute-to-Win-It Challenge is and have a bit of fun before turning in for the night.

Day three started with a really beautiful gratitude mindfulness session out in the park listening to the sounds of nature and taking a moment to think about what we had in our lives to be thankful for. Day three had two last rotations of new activities before everybody headed home. Those activities were Laser Skirmish, Snowy River Challenge, Orienteering, Tash’s Ladder, Snakes and Nails, and Rockwall. After two rotations of these new activities, it was time to get back together, tally results and share all of what had happened over the last few days.

A big thank you to everybody from Dromana primary school for an awesome camp!

  • Jackie, Timmy, Ella, Sarah, Chey, Centauri, Steph, Sophie


Tribe Names

Group 1: Donkeys

Group 2: The Revengers

Group 3: Jimmaay

Group 4: Maroon 4

Group 5: Hog Riders

Group 6: Shrek

Bush Challenge

Group 1: 18:11

Group 2: 26:50

Group 3: 22:16

Group 4: 24:37

Group 5: 30:30

Group 6: 21:59

Monster Course

Group 1: 9:07

Group 2: 6:18

Group 3: 5:01

Group 4: 9:38

Group 5: 13:37

Group 6: 7:45

Tug Of War Champions

Group 1 - Donkeys

Tic Tac Toe Champions

Group 2 – The Revengers

Snowy River Challenge

Group 1: 19:29

Group 2: 31:14

Values Winner

Group 1: Hamish

Group 2: Holly

Group 3: Skylar

Group 4: Nick

Group 5: Maddox

Group 6: Christian


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