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Dromana Primary School Blog

It was an absolutely wonderful 3 days of laughter, excitement, and achievements for this incredible group from Dromana primary school.

On Wednesday afternoon The Summit staff welcomed some very excited year 6 students and showed them up to their new home for the next two nights: Tent Village! After we had all settled ourselves in, we learnt about the Five Keys of camp. These are some special ingredients and things to live by that would help us have the best time we could at camp!

The Five Keys are:

Have Fun

Play All In

Make Lots of Mistakes

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Don’t Go Home Wondering What-If

We shortly afterwards dived into action as we got acquainted with our groups through a leadership initiative challenge, then created some fun team names. We all picked incredibly unique team names that were loads of fun to chant all throughout camp.

Group one called themselves The Flying Chickens, Group two - The Dominating Unicorns, Group three - Pork Chops, Group four - Teenage Mutant Ninja Beans and Group five - The GOATs

Team Dominating Unicorns kickstarted their activities by zipping across The Summit lake on the amazing Flying Fox! Team Flying Chickens were up high in the sky as they camp with our 20-meter Abseil challenge! What a view!! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Beans started with learning about teamwork and problem-solving in the Bush Challenge.

Meanwhile, The Pork Chops were busy climbing trees and belaying as a team in the High Wire activity! And the GOATs embraced key number 1 (Have Fun) when they did the bouncy Inflatable challenge, including playing human foosball and jumping around on the Adrenaline Rush!

Throughout the next day and a half, every team got a chance to participate in all these amazing activities. Even though some of the activities seemed a bit scary, the group learnt a goal-setting strategy called “Target, Stretch, Super Stretch” which really helped us along the way. When we broke down our challenges into those three goals, we found that we were able to achieve awesome things that we thought we never could, should or would be able to do!

All the coaches were absolutely blown away by Dromana Primary School’s enthusiasm, courage, and team encouragement all throughout the program!

After lunchtime on day two of camp, we all chanted our way down the hill into the park, cheering “MUD RUN MUD RUN MUD RUN” which we promptly jumped into after a quick warm-up game of Giants, Wizards, Dwarves!

After the first lap of our famous Monster Course, some were a little tired, but most were extremely excited to do more and more we did when it was revealed that here at The Summit, we always run the course twice! We learnt that the winner of the course is never the team that can run it the quickest, but about the team that comes together the most when it counts on the second lap. The winner of the challenge is the determined team that improves the most the second time around.

The results were tight with Team Flying Chickens taking out first place with a time of 10:42 followed closely by Team GOATs with 10:22 then coming third the Dominating Unicorns with 10:00 and then the runners up with a phenomenal effort: Team Pork Chops with 8:15 and last but definitely not the least, Team Teenage Mutant Ninja Beans!

Our Friday started with learning about the power of gratitude and about how important it is to reflect on the amazing opportunities we have in our lives, big and small!

Even though by the last morning we were all exhausted from playing all in the last couple of days, we still finished off camp in great spirits by participating in some new and awesome activities. This included: climbing up the top of the Summit Window and seeing an incredible view of Gippsland, navigating through our pitch-black Cave without the use of any light, completing fun challenges all over camp with our Scavenger Hunt, saying goodbye to the beautiful scenery while also solving riddles in Orienteering and lastly scaling up the Rock Wall and getting a bird’s eye view of all the exciting things happening around camp.

We finished camp by all voting for one person in our team that showed all our Five Key values all throughout camp and these legends got to go for a hot lap in our WW2 army tank! Massive congratulations to Brody, Brock, Ava, Angus, and Joel.

On behalf of all the coaching team, we wanted to say a great big thank you to all the students from Dromana Primary School for such a wonderful couple of days here at The Summit. A massive shout out to all the teachers from Dromana for all your hard work and support, and for also always having as much fun as the students!

It’s been a pleasure having all you legends here at camp and wishing you all the best for 2022.

From Coaches Timmy, Centauri, Mim, Sarah, Mesh, Sam and Soph (Sunny)



Flying chickens - 33.14

Dominating unicorns - 47.46

Porkchops - 31.01

T.M.N. Beans - 26.40

GOATs - 48.11


T.M.N. Beans - 400

the GOATs - 400


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