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It has been so great to have the grade 5 students and their teachers from Drouin Primary School for their 3-day camp. With great energy and enthusiasm, it was hard to be enthusiastic ourselves, so without any delays, it was time to get into the spirit of camp and tackle some initiatives and our first rotation of activities. To really embrace camp, each tribe formed their own identity and would no longer be tribe 1, 2, etc. but instead Team 14, Dream 16, Bruce, Ghostbusters, Whakatane, and Miss Tayla’s Dinocots.

Flying Fox was amazing. Seeing everyone soaring through the trees and over the lake for your 144-meter long flight. It was great to see so many really find the joy of going so fast through the air and just being as close as humanly possible to flying. The Rock Wall was where it was at, helping our friends out on the belay system to keep them safe as they climbed up their chosen wall. Once at your height you got to abseil and bounce back down your way down to the cheers of your tribe. Above the Rock Wall was Tash’s Ladder, the ladder that extends to a height of 15 meters above the ground at the top of the tower. Standing on the third last rung of the ladder and really taking in the height and achievement you have done to get to that height. It was so awesome to hear all the GMIC surrounding the achievements and bravery on Tash’s Ladder. Talking about bravery, Leap of Faith was so much about showing that bravery and really embracing so much of the Five Keys (Have fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Not leave Camp Wondering What If). The efforts and willingness to get up to the platform and decide to jump for the bar, step off or even climb back down really showed that leap of faith.

Here are the full results from the tribe/team challenges where you time or competing for points.

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Bruce 320 points, Dream 16 360 points, Ghostbusters 400 points, Team 14 420 points, Whakatane 470 points, and winning was Miss Tayla’s Dinocots with 480 points.

Bush Challenge: Bruce 1:04.56, team 14 42.49, Dream 16 37.23, Ghostbusters 36.49, Miss Tayla’s Dinocots 36.45 and winning was Whakatane with a time of 24.51.

Monster Course: Team 14 improved by 30 seconds, Miss Tayla’s Dinocots improved by 2.00, Ghostbusters improved by 3.15, Bruce improved by 7.20, Dream 16 improved by 12.12 and winning the monster course was Whakatane with an improvement of 13.48.

At the end of the camp, each tribe voted for a member of their tribe who lived by the Five Keys. These individuals were rewarded with a ride in the army tank and crush a car. Congratulations to Blake, Martarie, Axel, Jaylen, Mania, and James, all of you deserved your reward.

Thank you again to everyone who came to The Summit. We cannot wait to see you again at The Summit for camp, birthdays, or even The Summit Survivor.


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