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Drouin Primary School Blog

On Wednesday the 15th of June the year 5s from Drouin Primary School hopped on the bus to go on their first-ever camp, ready and excited for a new adventure!

After the students and teachers settled into the Tent Village, the camp was ready to begin. Heading to the Blue Room students met Ella, Ash, Adam, Sunny, Liam and Timmay, The Summit coaches who were ready for the epic time ahead.

Before camp could begin Ella introduced the Five Keys to an awesome camp:

1. Have Fun

2. Play All In

3. Make Lots of Mistakes

4. Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

5. Don’t Go Home Wondering What-If

Starting camp, we focused on the first two keys, Having Fun, and Playing All In. To do so we played a game of 50 Up where our highest score was an enormous 72!

The students were now warmed up and ready to meet their teams, we had the:

- Wild Party Pies

- Screaming Yeehaws

- Dingalas

- Rainbow Tacos

- The Summit Minions

- G6

Before starting the rad activities, Ella and Adam ensured the students were physically and mentally prepared for the adventures ahead by showing them how to wear a helmet and harness and how to set a target, stretch and super stretch, to grow and push their comfort zones.

The team's first task was to make an epic team flag, which included the team name, Five Keys, all members' names and a mascot.

Waving the flags around, students headed to their first activity rotation of camp, either the Leap of Faith, Bush Challenge, Rock Wall, Laser Skirmish, Tash’s Ladder, or the Scavenger Hunt.

The day ended with lots of smiles, laughter and a heap of people smashing their super stretches.

Bright and early, everybody was ready for another day to grow their comfort zones and have all the fun! To make sure we got the most out of camp, Ella introduced the idea of an intention. Keeping in the theme of the Five Keys, each student chose a colour that was linked to a key:

- Have Fun (yellow)

- Play All In (pink)

- Make Lots of Mistakes (blue)

- Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable (green)

- Don’t Go Home Wondering What If (white)

Whichever colour they chose would then be their intention/goal for the day.

The day began with a game of Jockeys, all students pretended to either be a jockey or a horse, running around in the mud until we found the ultimate champs! The students of DPS continually proved to The Summit coaches that they were ready to play all in and have fun, even giving the coaches a run for their money!

Day 2 consisted of all students either hitting their target, stretches or super stretches. The students began to get comfortable being uncomfortable outside of their comfort zones while smashing out 3 more rotations for the day, and of course, having all the fun as they gave their absolute best.

It was now time for our epic Monster Course challenge! Mud was flying before the course had even begun, big shout out to Remedy and Mr. Mumford for playing all in getting the muddiest!

However, after the course, all students were just as muddy with the biggest smiles on their faces! Waiting for all teams to finish the lap, DJ Ash got a dance party going right before the students were let in on a little surprise! Not only were they doing the course once, but they were doing it twice!!

Some students cheered with joy and others knew it was going to be a challenge. However, all students and teams came together with their strength and resilience, completed the second lap, and improved their times. Absolute legends!

The last day of camp quickly arrived. The morning began with reading out GMICs, hearing about all the students' super stretches, memories and gratitude were truly inspiring. From there we reflected on the past couple of days at The Summit, grateful that we finally got to come to camp and all other things in life we have to be grateful for. The students were not going home wondering what if as they smashed out the last two rotations of camp. Before it was time to say our goodbyes, each group voted for someone who had lived and breathed by the 5 keys over the last few days. These people became our values winners:

- Riley

- Maddy

- Zac

- Mieke

- Hayley

- Brody Sherburn

To congratulate these legends properly, they got to go for a hot lap in our World War 2 army tank!

Saying goodbye to these superstars was tough but remember you are only a 30min bus drive away! Thank you all so much for an epic camp! You all unleashed your greatness and truly grew your comfort zones.

From Ella, Ash, Adam, Sunny, Liam, Rohan and Timmay.


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