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On Wednesday the 30th of March, the Drouin SC students drove through the gates of The Summit with bus driver Miss Fanning and co-captain Ruby!

After a longgggg bus drive (a whole 30 minutes!) The kids unpacked their bags and made their beds, Nikita even set up her flamingo fairy lights! They were then ready to begin camp!

Ella, Adam, and Sam were then introduced to the DSC crew, where we shared The Summits 5 ingredients to an epic camp experience, our Five Keys. Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don’t Go Home Wondering What If!

Heading down to the park, we started camp with a game of 50 Up and initiatives, just the beginning of all the fun we had ahead! To be physically and mentally prepared for the activities, Adam gave an epic helmet and harness brief, and Ella introduced our goal setting strategy, Target, Strech and Super Stretch! Camp was now in full swing!

On the first day, each team did one activity rotation, either Highwire, Inflatables, or the Bush Challenge! Finishing the day, we had delicious chicken schnitzels and Tye gave an honourable mention to the cheesecake! The night ended with a campfire, roasted marshmallows and the classic flick, Cool Runnings.

Day two began with meeting our coach Mason and our morning intentions. Before hitting the ground running, we learnt the value of setting a daily goal and how it will set you up for the day. With our goals in mind, we had two more rotations of Inflatables and the Bush Challenge, where we saw the Five Keys in action! Lunchtime consisted of delicious hamburgers and games of Uno.

We were then introduced to two new activities, where the teams either did The Summit Window or the Flying Fox.

It was then time for the Monster Course (mud run). Teams were in their old clothes that were ready to get wet and muddy. Safe to say that they definitely were by the end of the course! Linking arms and crawling through mud, the teams all came together and did their absolute best through the Monster Course. After the much-awaited warm showers to rinse the mud and dirt off, the night ended with a night walk, dance party and finally sleep!

Before we knew it, Friday had rolled around, and we began our last day of camp. Starting our day, we spoke on gratitude and how important it is to acknowledge what you’re grateful for and how to share gratitude. To do so we read out the GMICS (Great Moments in Camp) the students had written for each other.

Finishing off the day as one big team, not only the students but also Megan and Adam went up on The Summit Window and we saw many happy faces zooming down the Flying Fox.

Before saying goodbye, four lucky students, Abby, Eli, Nikita, and Mia were voted as value winners and got the chance to have a lap in our army tank!

Thanks for an amazing camp! We hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!

From Ella, Adam, Mason, and Sam.

Acknowledgements to:

Abby: for getting comfortable being uncomfortable and giving every activity her best.

Eli: for loving all the heights and getting the record of 14 seconds climbing up the highwire!

Mia: for being so brave and hitting so many stretches and super stretches.

Nikita: for her dance moves at the dance party and being the best at the cup song.

Dallas: for teaching Nikita her dance moves and having an awesome playlist.

Tye: for having the group's quickest time of 19 seconds through the Inflatables course.

Jaz: for hitting her super stretch of leaning back and taking two hands off at The Summit Window

Josh: for giving everything his absolute best, especially at the Highwire, Inflatables and Bush Challenge

Jett: for versing everyone with a 1v1 through the Inflatables!

Lincoln: for being the birthday boy!

Nat: for being the birthday girl!

Damon: for playing all in and doing his absolute best at every activity.

Aiden & Will: for playing all in at The Summit Window, not only doing it once but three times!

Olivia: for bringing the midnight chocolate for her tent crew.

Ella: for getting the muddiest on the mud wall at bush challenge and for being Ella's (Summit coaches) twin.

Harper: for being an amazing team member and encourager throughout the whole camp


Bush Challenge winners

Team Two: 35.00mins

Monster Course winners

Team One: 10mins (improved time)

Values winners






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