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Drouin West Primary School Blog

It has been so amazing to have the students, teachers, and parent helpers from Drouin West P.S. at The Summit for their two-day camp. After arriving, it was straight into camp with tribe names and activities.

Chosen tribe name as follows:

Warrior Frogs

Wild Clan


Forest Warriors

Summit Survivors

There were so many life lessons learned over the two days at camp. Have lots of fun when you have the opportunity to do so. Teamwork can come from anywhere, with anyone if you do it together. When you face a challenge and are guided/coached though, some challenges that may seem difficult no longer are and the greatness is unleashed. The growing confidence and development of trust in others were felt strongly by everyone.

Here are the tribe challenge results from camp activities:

Bush Challenge

Summit Survivors 40.01

Wild Clan 30.17

Warrior Frogs 27.50

Quackers 24.51

Forest Warriors 17.45 - winners

Monster Course improvement times:

Wild Clan 5.48

Quackers 6.13

Warrior Frogs 6.22

Summit survivors 7.26 10.02

Forest Warriors 10.02 - most improved

Throughout camp, so many GMIC's were acknowledged. People doing amazing efforts and things for others without expecting a thing. If you wrote someone a GMIC or received a GMIC, well done on your effort to make a difference to someone else’s happiness.

At the end of camp, each tribe member voted for someone in their tribe who lives by the 5 Keys (Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Not Leave Camp with Regrets). These individuals were rewarded by going for a hot lap in the army tank.

Congratulations to Lachie, Mackayla, Jesse, Ollie, Beau, and Mr. G (who organized the camp in a day and a half).

Thank you again for coming to The Summit. We cannot wait to see you back in the near future for camps, birthday parties, family fun days, or even the muddy Summit Survivor.


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