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East Loddon P-12 College Camp Blog

On Monday the 30th of May East Loddon year 7’s pulled into The Summit and headed down to the Doughty House to see their accommodation and to set up their beds before heading into the Lounge room to meet The Summit coaches that they would be spending their time with throughout camp. The coaches were Centauri, Sunny and Logan.

All the students started their camp experience off by playing a big group game of Yee-Ha, the students all loved this game and continued to play it throughout the week. The students then split into three groups and they picked names for Angry Acorns, The Rubber Duckies and Golden Rams.

The first rotation was an initiative that the groups had to work out how to do as a team then the groups started their next activities which were Tash's Ladder, Orienteering and Tribe Identity. The groups made their way back to the house to have some free time and to get ready for dinner.

On Tuesday morning the students sat down with Centauri to talk about setting a morning intention and what it can do to help us achieve greatness while at camp. Everyone then headed down to the park to start their day. They had two rotations before morning tea, then they started their new activities: Rockwall, Flying Fox and Trust Games. At the end of the day, the groups came together and battled it out to see which student was the best at Clap ball. The winner was Chloe, nice work!

Wednesday was here before we knew it, the group had one more rotation of the activities before starting new ones for the rest of the day Abseil, Inflatable City and Cave. After afternoon tea the group put on an item of dress-up before the dress up tag. Everyone was running around in the mud having loads of fun falling down and slipping over trying to get as many dress-ups as they could before the time was up.

Day four was here and the students were excited to get the day going. The students sat down with Centauri again to talk about what they are grateful for, their intentions for the day and resilience. The team then headed out to the park to get started on their new activities: Giant Swing, Sky Bridge and Snake and Nails. After lunch, the group got ready for the Monster Course coming up after their next rotation with Leap of Faith, Relay and Scavenger Hunt.

The results for Scavenger Hunt were:

Angry Acorns 760

The Rubber Duckies 820 - great work!

Golden Rams 640.

The groups started their Monster Course which gave everyone a chance to have lots of fun and get outside their comfort zones by going through mud and water obstacles. Before finishing up the students were told that we were doing the lap again. The students were excited to show their resilience and how well they work as a team. All the groups got an improvement on their second lap!

The improvement times were:

Anger Acorns 4.30

The Rubber Duckies 2.25

Golden Rams 7.48 - well-done everyone!

The last day was here and the students had their last few activities to complete before we said our goodbyes. In the last rotation the groups voted for a values winner in their groups that showed all of our Five keys: Have Fun, Play All In, Get comfortable Being Uncomfortable, Make Lots of Mistakes and Don't Go Home Wondering What-if. The winners were Riley from Angry Acorns, Mac from The Rubber Duckies and Campbell from the Golden Rams.

Nice work all, you did an amazing job! The students then got to watch the values winners have a go in the Army tank which was so cool to see. The students then hopped on the buses and we waved goodbye.


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