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East Preston Islamic College Boys Camp Blog

It has been a pleasure to work with the boys and teachers from East Preston Islamic College over the last 3 days. After arriving with so much high spirit and enthusiasm, it was time to get straight into rotations and a tribe name.

Team Shoosh, Team Bata, Team Rockets, the Invincibles and Teletubbies were the names chosen for the tribes.

There were some brilliant efforts on the high elements of High Wire, Skybridge and Giant Swing, with so many really pushing their stretch and super stretches. While on the ground there was some banter while playing Laser Skirmish , in the Cave and excellent encouragement on the Bush Challenge.

The results from the tribe challenges that were recorded were:

Bush Challenge: Teletubbies with a time of 36.19

Team Shosh won with a time of 25.27.

The Monster Course:

Team Shoosh improved by 5.29

Team Bata improved by 7.05

Team Rockets improved by 8.24

The Invincibles improved by 9.52

Teletubbies won by an improved time of 15.00

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for a values winner, the person who lived by The Summit 5 keys. Congratulations and great acknowledgement to Omar, Salah, Ibrahim Yahya, Mohamed and Yahya.

Thank you for coming out to the summit and good luck with the rest of your studies for 2022.


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