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Edenhope College Year 11 and 12 Camp Blog

It has been the utmost pleasure welcoming back some familiar faces and new ones from Edenhope College for their three-day year 11/12 camp. Spinks and Timmay were so excited to have a small group together, not knowing how much of an impact you all would have on us both.

Starting with a quick welcome after being on the bus for so many hours, we helped keep the ball up for 50 Up, struggled at the start but Buzz put a “one more time” on it and achieved the 50 ups and some. The treasure had you all working together to gain the treasure of The Summit Duck and brainstorm how to get there. Josh spoke up a lot in this, rallying the tribe together. Bush Challenge was up next, where the tribe formed their identity and put their teamwork/communication to the test. With a time of 23:36 to seal the deal, what a great start to activities. Flying Fox was the final challenge for day one, where participants turned cheerleaders stood on the other side of the lake, encouraging every person over the fox. Tamika's face as she approached had Timmay and Miss Hardwick in stitches. Talking about tribes, we had the Name of Eden Bros, Not H, as our phenomenal tribes' name.

Morning two started with setting ourselves with a morning intention followed by “Gotcha and Do as I Say, Say What I Say” as a warm-up for the action-packed day we were about to have. Orienteering saw the tribe break into 3 sub-tribes: Chocolate Balls (160), Cystic Fibros (130) and Beanies (180) points. Great hustle from each tribe, with the competitive spirit shining bright. Summit Window was the pinnacle of high activities, an activity that required trust and belief. The brilliant support from everyone at the top and bottom of the tower was just epic. Tamika, Ruby, Mollie, Ethan, and Mikey were not fans of heights and felt themselves not only being stretched but super stretched.

Leap of Faith!!! What were we jumping for? What was that goal you were seeking? The Leap of Faith was incredible at bringing out the realness of this tribe, dancing, and high-fiving (neow!!) with support but keeping it real for those who were about to leap. Lead from the front was an amazing effort from Mr. McClure and his 180 spin and the trust fall from Kaidee. All efforts were inspiring no matter the jump, fall or step off.

After a belly full of lunch and all dressed for the Monster Course, we had two more challenges to complete. The Giant Swing was an activity that had a lot of nervous anticipation surrounding it. The effort everyone puts to help get you to the green and make the most of this experience. Tamika and Hunter were extremely brave and had great support while on the activity.

Snowy River Challenge was the last activity before the mud run, warming you up for the big challenge. Warmed up you were with a cracking time and effort of 16.18 with a deduction of 5.30 giving you a time of 10.38 with everyone going through the wombat hole. Mattea, you showed what you were made of, leading from within the tribe to support and encourage everyone to get the best out of the activity.

Monster Course was known to most but embraced by all at its fullest to do your best. Setting a target, stretch and super stretch you set an awesome time first lap. 29.51 is nothing to shy away from. But to then reset a new T, S, SS of 25, 23 and 20 minutes and to get back at exactly 20.00.53 (Tim was slow on the stop button) was a tremendous effort. Em, your never-give-up attitude and willingness to leave it all out on the course were so inspirational. Issy, and Clancy you were troopers, really leading the tribe and showing effort to keep everyone motivated to push but respect the entire tribe.

What a way to finish the camp, the last day reading some GMICs, and sharing some Jellybeans to think about. Emotions were running wild, and tears were shared (in a good way, Timmay) as we had one more activity to finish. Laser Skirmish was just so much fun and the trash talk, and effort was brilliant. Hope your pants were fine from all the sliding you did, Josh.

At the end of camp, it was hard to say goodbye, but we thank you all for the memories you have created. Well done to Tamika and Josh, our Values winners on your reward of the ride in The Summit's WW2army tank.

Stay safe and we cannot wait to hear how and where you are going in your future endeavours.

Tim and Spinks.

OH, almost forgot, Well done Charlotte, we will never forget your name again, promises are promises, lol


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