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It has been a pleasure to have the grade 5/6’s from Eltham College at The Summit for their five-day camp over the past week. With so much excitement to just be on camp and for some returning grade 6s, it was straight into the routine of getting into tribes and coming up with a name. Jack and the Spud Monkeys, Bunnings Warehouse, Q, The Best Group and Salomon (No Names) were the tribe names.

Throughout camp, so many people really embraced the Five Keys of Have Fun, Play All In, Make Lots of Mistakes, Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable and Don't Go Home Wondering. This was demonstrated not only out in the park but also through the many GMIC readouts throughout the entire camp. Tuesday and Wednesday saw you all learn and cook in Trangia stoves, a great start to camp cooking.

Here are the results from the tribe vs. tribe challenges.

Snowy River:

No Names 50.11

Jack and the Spud Monkeys 46.50

Bunnings Warehouse 44.27

The Best Group 40.47

Winning was Q with a time of 30.02

Strategy Games:

Q 53 total points

The Best Group 76 total points

Jack and the Spud Monkeys 77 total Points

No Names 88 total points

Winning was Bunnings Warehouse 91 total points.

Monster Course:

Jack and The Spud Monkeys improved by 9.39

Bunnings Warehouse improved by 12.32

The Best Group improved by 12.33

Q improved by 14.02

Winning were No Names who improved by 22.35

At the end of camp, each tribe voted for a person in their tribe who lived out the five keys. Those people were acknowledged and given the opportunity to go on the Giant Swing for a thrilling 22.5-meter drop. Congratulations to Dylan, Bailey, Sunny, Ben, and Grace, you all were amazing for your tribes and played hard all week.

Thank you to the year 10 leaders who came along to help you have an awesome time and camp and help lead activity groups.

Thank you again to all the students and teachers who camp at The Summit from Eltham College. We cannot wait for you to return in 2022.


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